Credit rating agencies

  • Credit rating agency (Wikipedia)

    • Big Three (credit rating agencies)

      • Standard & Poor's

      • Moody's

      • Fitch Group

  • Standard & Poor's

  • Moody's

  • Fitch Ratings


  • All-party parliamentary groups

    • Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies

    • Parliamentary Group on Nuclear Energy

    • Associate Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group

    • Parliamentary and Scientific Committee

Energy information

  • DECC energy price statistics. May 2012: Average domestic consumption = £3,300 kWh/yr. Overall average price per household: £453. This works out at 13.7 pence / kWh (17.1 Eurocents / kWh).

  • Walt Patterson On Energy
  • All Energy - industry headlines

Legal action

  • LawWorks. "Please note that we are unable to accept requests for help from certain types of organisations, namely: ... organisations whose primary object, purpose or activity is campaigning or lobbying."

  • UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA). "UKELA works to improve understanding and awareness of environmental law, and to make the law work for a better environment. It's for anyone interested in environmental law."

  • Environmental Law Foundation (ELF)

  • Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW). Based in the USA.

  • EarthRights

  • ClientEarth (James Thornton)

  • Phil Michaels (Head of Legal Section, FoE).

  • Chris Huhne faces legal challenge over nuclear link to cancer in children (The Guardian, 2011-03-25). Rory Walker, a 24-year-old community worker from Lancaster, has won legal aid to launch that the energy and climate secretary, Chris Huhne, did not properly review the evidence on cancer when giving the go-ahead for the expansion in 2010.