Public opinion

  • Fukushima spoils world appetite for nuclear power (Deutsche Welle, 2011-09-09). In the six months since the Fukushima disaster, a global survey has detected mounting opposition to nuclear energy, especially in Asia. Yet Germany remains the only country to abandon the technology to date.

  • Citizens across world oppose nuclear power, poll finds (The Guardian, 2011-06-23).
  • French industry minister rejects poll backing nuclear withdrawal (Bloomberg, 2011-06-20). See also France includes nuclear power exit among options (Daily Times, 2011-07-09). A poll last month showed three quarters of the French people interviewed wanted to withdraw from nuclear energy, against 22 percent who back the nuclear expansion programme
  • Financial Times poll finds 89% "would be cross" at nuclear new build (The Low Carbon Kid, 2011-05-09).

  • Opposition to new UK nuclear grows - new survey (Friends of the Earth press release, 2011-03-22).