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Key, reports relating to:

  • C - Government consultation
  • EMR - Electricity market reform.
  • FC - Our second formal complaint to the EC.
  • - Shale gas.
  • - The views of potential investors.
  • N - National commitment to 100% renewables.
  • PO - Public opinion.
  • - The potential of renewable sources of power and their cost.
  • - Actual or potential subsidies for nuclear power.
  • SF - Safety issues.
  • T - The timing of investment decisions.


30 Number of households getting help with insulation plummets (The Guardian).

30 Energy minister wants four million solar panels installed on government land and buildings (The Telegraph).

23 The nuclear renaissance is stone cold dead (Online Opinion).

23 Former BP geologist: peak oil is here and it will 'break economies' (The Guardian).

22 Solar farms feel the heat from ministers but industry hopes it can still sparkle (The Guardian).

21 Rosatom signs contract to build nuclear plant for Fennovoima in Finland (Energy Post).

21 Agreement reached on commercial terms for the planned Hinkley Point C nuclear power station (EDF press release). "NNB GenCo will be protected against discriminatory or specific changes in law for example (i) change in law that is applicable only to HPC, or only to NNB, or only to generation facilities with CfDs, or only to nuclear generation facilities, or only to nuclear generation facilities with CfDs; (ii) change in law which has an undue and not objectively justifiable, discriminatory effect on HPC in comparison with a comparator group of generators; and (iii) a tax on uranium, provided in each case that such changes do not constitute (A) a 'foreseeable' change in law, (B) a change in policy or (C) development of good practice in the on-going civil generation nuclear industry.” [NNB = Nuclear New Build. HPC = Hinckley Point C. CfDs = Contracts for Difference. NNB GenCo is the HPC NNB company.]

21 Put some green in your portfolio (The Independent). "2013 has seen private investment in the renewable energy sector explode as project developers woke up to the potential for raising funding directly from investors," says Julia Groves, managing director of the renewable Trillion Fund.

21 Fifty new nuclear plants could be goal in official energy plans (The Guardian).

20 Latest Snowden revelations spark anger at European commission (The Guardian). See also Statement by Commission spokeswoman on the newspaper allegations of surveillance of Vice-President Almunia (, 2013-12-20).

20 Scotland hits out at DECC for supporting ‘nuclear over wind’ (Energy Live News). Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing ... has accused the UK Government of being “hell-bent on ploughing billions” into nuclear power stations but restricting support for renewable energy.

20 Renewable energy is now the source of 40 percent of Scotland’s electricity (Climate Progress).

20 English High Court rejects An Taisce challenge against nuclear plant ( See also An Taisce loses UK challenge over Hinkley nuclear plant (The Irish Times, 2013-12-21).

20 The Treasury and the cost of solar in the UK (Solar Power Portal).

18 Humber Estuary wind turbine factory: £450m scheme approved (BBC News).

18 State aid: Commission consults on draft rules for state support in energy and environmental field (, press release).

18 State aid: Commission opens in-depth investigation into UK measures supporting nuclear energy (, press release).

18 Written Ministerial Statement by Edward Davey on Hinkley Point C State aid investigation (DECC).

18 Subsidies for UK nuclear plant could reach £17bn and 'may be unnecessary' (The Telegraph).

18 Hinkley Point C nuclear subsidy plan queried by European commission (The Guardian).

18 EDF’s U.K. nuclear deal faces state aid probe by EU (Bloomberg).

18 State aid: Commission opens in-depth investigation into UK measures supporting nuclear energy (EUROPA). See also Europe launches probe into Hinkley Point nuclear plan (BBC News).

17 'Tall' Brechfa Forest wind turbine plans are approved (BBC News).

16 Government urged to cut cash to green energy in order to reduce bills (The Guardian).

16 Ineos boss says Hinkley nuclear power too expensive (BBC News).

16 Turbine noise can be heard from just 3% of windfarms, report finds (The Guardian).

16 Areva may use French fund to help pay for UK nuclear plant - paper (Reuters).

15 Rock star Cian Ciaran speaks of his fears over the building of a nuclear energy plant in Wales (Wales Online).

13 How wind met all of Denmark’s electricity needs for 90 hours (EcoBusiness).

9 Nuclear power a new front for China's diplomacy (Peoples' Daily, China).

5 Case for Scottish independence boosted by more optimistic economic forecasts (The Guardian).

5 An Taisce challenges Hinkley Point nuclear plant (BBC News).

4 Councils generate own power to take on the big six energy firms (The Guardian).

3 Hinkley Point nuclear deal in doubt under EU state aid rules (Western Daily Press).

3 European Commission investigates Hinkley nuclear deal (BBC News).

3 Campaigners call on Europe to block new nuclear subsidies (Utility Week).

3 Opposition grows to UK government subsidy for Hinkley nuclear power station (News Blaze).

2 Brussels to investigate deal for British nuclear plant (International New York Times).

2 EU likely to 'formally' probe UK state aid for nuclear (Argus Media).

2 European commission inquiry into Hinkley Point deal could delay project (The Guardian).

2 Independent Scotland would phase out nuclear power (Nuclear Engineering International).

2 UPDATE 1-EU state aid probe likely over British plan for EDF nuclear plant (Reuters).

2 Government told to come clean on energy subsidies (The Guardian). The government has been urged to be more honest about the levels of subsidies given to oil and gas producers and the companies who will build a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. ... But its biggest criticism is over ministers' insistence that the deal agreed by the Treasury and EDF to fund the construction of a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset is not a subsidy. "New nuclear is being subsidised and the coalition should come clean and admit it," said Walley. "The government cannot escape that clear fact by talking about 'support mechanisms' and 'insurance policies' instead of 'subsidies'." See also The rationale for energy subsidies: supporting infant and low-carbon industries (Environmental Audit Committee, Ninth Report on
energy subsidies, 2013-11-27).

1 Hinkley Point deal under threat from EU ruling (The Telegraph).


30 Security fears over 'Orwellian' Chinese nuclear deal (BBC News).

29 Desperate villagers turn to wind to cut energy bills (The Telegraph).

27 World Bank says no money for nuclear power (Yahoo! News).

24 Reality check on renewables could unblock climate talks (RE New Economy). ... the subsidy agreed for the Hinkley plant alone is nearly as big as the subsidies paid for the entire global renewables industry in 2012, and most national grid operators have concluded that having 100 per cent, or close to it, renewable penetration is not difficult.

24 Reactor closure puts medical scans at risk as shortage of radioactive material could jeopardise patients’ health (The Independent).

24 Floating windfarms raise hopes for a greener future (The Observer).

20 Sweden rejects British model for new nuclear plant deals (Reuters). "I won't judge on what kind of choices Great Britain makes, that's an issue for the British government and the people that have appointed them. But it is very important that the Commission looks into the issue," said
Swedish Energy Minister Anna-Karin Hatt.

18 Floating offshore wind turbines could drive Japan’s renewable energy future (

18 Is business leading the way in developing off-grid energy? (The Guardian).

17 Fukushima operators to remove nuclear fuel rods (The Telegraph).

17 Water from coal mines could heat our homes (The Herald).

15 Nuclear subsidies: Open letter to Commissioner Almunia (The Ecologist).

15 Renewables becoming competitive with conventional power (Renewables International). Researchers at Europe's largest solar research center have updated their cost curves for wind, solar, power from biogas, and different types of coal power. The findings may surprise some readers, but they are in line with other recent assessments. The writing is on the wall for conventional power... economically.

14 Energy expert: 'Renewables can compete' (DW).

11 New-build nuclear is dead: Morningstar (Forbes).

9 On requiring insurance for nuclear power stations (Tim Worstall). Oettinger believes the current, quite limited, insurance most countries have – in Bulgaria, for instance, it is just €49m (£40m) per plant, and in France €90m – amounts to a hidden subsidy for nuclear.

8 Scientists warn of extreme risk: greatest short-term threat to humanity is from Fukushima fuel pools (Global Research). See also Decommissioning Fukushima: how Japan will remove nuclear fuel rods from damaged reactor (The Telegraph, 2013-11-06); Fukushima decommissioning slip-up could trigger monumental chain reaction, expert warns (ABC, 2013-10-31); Fukushima nuclear plant set for risky operation (BBC News, 2013-11-07).

8 UK confirms plans for 39 GW of offshore wind by 2030 (

7 Don't trade global warming for nuclear meltdowns (CNN).

7 More nukes? Are you kidding? Enviros push back against Hansen’s call (Grist).

7 Running out of precious land? Floating solar PV systems may be a solution (

7 Fossil fuel subsidies 'killing UK's low-carbon future' (The Guardian).

5 Report on subsidies in the energy sector (The Greens in the European Parliament). European Commissioner M. Oettinger embellishes the report in favor of nuclear and coal.

5 EU Commission seeks to crack down on costly energy subsidies (Reuters). Provided there is no market distortion, Tuesday's rules say, the Commission might allow support to ensure sufficient back-up generation for variable green energy. This could possibly mean paying firms to maintain loss-making gas plants they would otherwise mothball.

4 Nuclear energy verdict: Costly, slow and very high maintenance (RE New Economy).

4 Microsoft looks to boost eco credentials with wind-powered data centre (The Guardian).

3 Top US climate scientists support development of safe nuclear power (The Guardian). But see Response to an Open Letter on the Future of Nuclear Power (Switchboard, 2013-11-05).

3 David Cameron's green agenda is 'spurious,' says Sir Jonathon Porritt (The Independent).

1 The Passivhaus's fabric-first approach to energy efficiency (The Guardian).


31 Major European utility set for dramatic renewable energy transformation (

31 Hinkley Point crazy, say German greens amid division over 'no nuclear' policy (The Guardian).

30 Flabbergasted – the Hinkley Point contract (PDF, Liberium Capital). See also Hinkley Point: nuclear power plant gamble worries economic analysts (The Guardian, 2013-10-30); New power station deal 'threatens higher energy prices for decades to come' (The Telegraph, 2013-10-31).

29 We don't need nuclear power (Socialist Worker).

25 Chinese nuclear disaster 'highly probable' by 2030 (The Ecologist).

24 EU energy subsidies - the truth is out! (The Ecologist). Each year member states spend €40 billion on supporting fossil fuels, €35 billion on nuclear, and just €30 billion on renewable energy.

24 Solar set to beat nuclear on headline strike price by 2018 never mind 2023 (Solar Power Portal).

23 3 Reasons Germans are Going Renewable 'At All Costs' (

24 Renewable energy boss tells PM solar power could match Hinkley in 2 years (Nextgen).

23 Subsidy-free nuclear deal questioned by Environmental Audit Committee (International Business Times). See also Cameron's nuclear dream deflated by subsidy claims and energy price hikes (International Business Times, 2013-10-21).

22 EU to examine govt aid for UK nuclear deal (France 24).

22 Cost of new nuclear and new renewables (Renewables International). Hasn't anyone told the British public what new renewables cost? Today, we provide charts that you can share with them!

21 Hinkley C - Greenpeace statement and briefing (Greenpeace).

21 Hinkley nuclear power station gets go-ahead as coalition signs off EDF deal (The Guardian).

21 With nuclear power: truth is the first casualty (The Ecologist, Oliver Tickell).

21 Nuclear power's broken promises means EDF deal is a delusional dream (The Guardian).

21 UK gives unprecedented support to £16 billion nuclear deal (Reuters). See also UPDATE 2-UK sets nuclear support precedent with $26 bln EDF deal (Reuters, 2013-10-21).

21 How the ground shifted for nuclear power (The Guardian). Renewables remain far and away the public's first choice.

19 Irish greens fight UK nuclear plan in court (The Observer).

18 Wind power 'is effective carbon saver' (The Guardian).

17 Is it a good idea to allow China a stake in UK nuclear? (BBC News).

17 Nuclear expert raises concerns about Chinese role in UK's new nuclear plants (The Guardian). See also What does China want with Britain's nuclear industry? (The Guardian, 2013-10-17).

15 The impasse over liability clause in Indo-U.S. nuclear deal (New York Times). This debate on liability has not escaped the attention of local populations. Their question is rather simple: if Westinghouse genuinely believes that its reactors are so safe — in its public documents, it claims that a severe accident may occur only once in 3.5 million years— why is it so reluctant to accept responsibility for an accident?

15 More than 90% of people in European cities breathe dangerous air, study finds (The Guardian).

9 State aid for nuclear power (The Greens in the European Parliament).

8 EU energy guidelines leave out nuclear in blow for Britain (Reuters). See also EU Commission says nuclear energy not in energy state aid guidelines (Yahoo! Finance, 2013-10-08); Commission rejects state aid for nuclear energy (Greenpeace, 2013-10-08); Austrian leaders hail EU decision on nuclear power subsidies (Nuclear Power Daily, 2013-10-11).

7 The viability of Germany’s Energiewende: Mark Jacobson answers 3 questions (

6 Nuclear power’s 'myths' tick no boxes (Climate News Network).

6 Nuclear scare at Navy submarine base after 'unbelievable' failures (The Independent).

2 PV Integration feasible at low cost (


29 Green energy confusion 'stalling UK investment' (The Telegraph).

29 We must harness the power of the sun (The Observer, David King & Richard Layard). See also British plan to avert climate disaster using sun power (The Observer,2013-09-29).

27 Letter from Dr David Lowry (The Telegraph, scroll down).

25 Super Furry Animals' keyboardist to perform atop wind turbine (The Guardian).

25 The politicians are wrong - 100% renewable energy is possible (The Guardian).

24 Ex-top U.S. nuclear regulator counsels end to atomic power (The Japan Times).

22 Only renewables - not nuclear - could be too cheap to meter (The Guardian).

21 France to tax EDF nuclear output for energy shift to renewables (Bloomberg Business Week).

19 EU won’t favor nuclear-power state aid, Almunia spokesman says (Bloomberg).

16 Subsidies for nuclear power (PDF, in Wirtschaftspolitik, pp 12-13, article by Gerry Wolff).

16 Pentland Firth tidal turbine project given consent (BBC News).

15 Endless Fukushima catastrophe: 2020 Olympics under contamination threat (RT, Dr Helen Caldicott).

12 County councils sidelined from nuclear waste dump site decisions (The Guardian).

11 Balcombe residents' experience of poor fracking regulation (The Guardian, letter from Dr David Lowry).

9 The cost of decommissioning a nuclear power station (New Statesman).

6 Anti-nuclear mayor calls gov’t export of nuclear power ‘unethical’, ‘shameful’ (Japan Daily Press).

5 UK investors see bright future for solar power – if the nimbys can be won over (The Guardian).


30 First power from UK's Gwynt y Môr (ReCharge).

28 UK not doing enough to win renewable investors, says report (

25 Nuclear may become obsolete warns US solar energy chief (The Telegraph).

25 Interview: 'Solar had to be smarter than digging stuff up and burning it’ (The Telegraph).

14 Picking up the nuclear energy bill divides the EU (Reuters).

14 Solar power to trump shale, helped by US military (The Telegraph).

7 Bridge or gangplank? Study finds methane leakage from gas fields high enough to gut climate benefit (Climate Progress).

4 Majority of voters across the political spectrum back financial support for wind and tidal power (RewableUK).

1 Deutsche Bank: Solar, distributed energy at ‘major inflection point’ (RE New Economy).


31 EDF is turning the page of nuclear in the United States (Energy Market Price).

29 Trial run for biggest battery in Europe that could help power Britain (The Guardian).

28 Osborne on EDF nuclear charm offensive (The Telegraph).

27 EU and China resolve solar trade row (The Telegraph).

26 State aid for nuclear? Are you kidding? (Energy Post).

26 Offshore floating turbines ‘could power Europe four times over’ (EurActiv).

26 Hot summer bestows solar power bounty on Britain (The Guardian).

25 European Investment Bank cuts lending to fossil plants, supports renewables (

25 No Commission plans to encourage or make state aid for nuclear power easier (European Commission, Antoine Colombani). But: "... the inclusion of provisions on nuclear energy in the guidelines would only mean that the aid granted by those Member States who want to grant such aid would be assessed by the Commission on the basis of the conditions set out in the guidelines, rather than directly under the Treaty rules." Also, comments by Mark Johnston. See also Debunking the Commission's claims on nuclear state aid (Greenpeace, 2013-07-26).

23 UK could follow flexible French nuclear system (Utility Week).

23 EU rules do not prohibit state aid for nuclear power (Financial Times).

22 Consumers to pay ‘dirty’ coal power subsidies for years (The Independent). Senior ministers are so worried about the possibility that the UK could suffer electricity blackouts over the next few years they have agreed to let Britain’s coal stations bid for “capacity payment” handouts – paid for through people’s energy bills – which could allow them to upgrade their facilities. 

22 The UK’s role in nuclear proliferation: then and now (Scientists for Global Responsibility, Dr David Lowry).

22 The Shale Gas Revolution: is it already over? (The Club of Rome).

21 Power trip (The Herald). Why should the most northerly parts of Scotland with the most potential for renewable energy pay up to 10 times more to connect to the national grid than southern England?

20 Potential nuclear power subsidies anger Germans (DW).

19 Nuclear power: leaks show new EU push (The Guardian).

19 Germany rebuffs European nuclear power subsidy proposal (Reuters).

19 New EU rules governing state subsidies for energy (European Greens press release).

19 Brussels wants to facilitate construction of nuclear power plants (

18 How to advance nuclear (The Breakthrough). In the last few years, prominent leaders from civil society have spoken out for nuclear energy to combat climate change. Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Al Franken, Paul Allen, James Hansen, Lisa Murkowski, and Jeffrey Sachs... all understand nuclear energy is needed to deal with global warming.

18 Green energy boss accuses UK government of bias to nuclear over renewables (Power Engineering International).

18 Long-term local cancer reductions following nuclear plant shutdown (Biomedicine International).

17 French green party proposes parliamentary probe of EPR nuclear costs (Platts).

17 Legal challenges to new nuclear: can we trust government? (The Ecologist, Paul Dorfman). The National Trust for Ireland and Greenpeace have launched two independent legal challenges to UK Government plans for new nuclear power plants at Hinkley Point, Somerset, re-opening long-standing questions about nuclear safety....

17 Hinkley Point C nuclear plant £128m windfall dismissed as 'social bribe' (The Guardian).

17 EU Commission approves state aid for Dutch nuclear reactor (Reuters).

15 The cost of new renewable power generation: approaching parity? ( New onshore and offshore wind and large solar photovoltaic (PV) plants still require policy support to bridge the gap between generation costs and market prices of electricity. But this may change in the near future, finds a new report from the International Energy Agency’s Renewable Energy Technology Deployment group. Technology and market dynamics are driving down the costs of renewable power generation while increasing the costs involved in non-renewable generation, the report found.

15 EDF 'could face windfall tax on nuclear plants', analysts warn (The Telegraph).

11 Renewable generators ask Ofgem to cut electricity transportation charges (The Guardian).

11 Global nuclear power output drops 7% in 2012: status report (Platts). See also Nuclear renaissance was just a fairy tale (The Guardian, 2013-07-11).

11 World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013 (WNISR) (World Nuclear ReportMycle Schneider, Antony Froggatt, with Komei Hosokawa, Steve Thomas, Yukio Yamaguchi, Julie Hazemann). Nuclear power generation experienced a record drop of 7 percent in 2012.

10 State Aid for nuclear (The Greens, European Free Alliance in the European Parliament).

10 Tidal power from Pentland firth 'could provide half of Scotland's electricity' (The Guardian).

10 Can Germany afford its 'energy bender' shift to green power? (BBC News).

8 Germany: 100% renewable energy and beyond (RE New Economy).

6 Rival nuclear companies cheaper than EDF, Ed Davey suggests (The Telegraph).

4 Une ligne électrique France-Irlande à l’étude (L'Energie D'Avancer).

4 World's largest offshore windfarm opens in Thames estuary (The Guardian).

2 Fracking worse (The Guardian). A research group at Cornell University has shown that it requires only 4-5% leakage from fracking wells to cancel out the gain from using gas rather than coal.

2 The coming nuclear energy crunch (The Guardian).

2 UK business group tells Brussels: Let us have our nuclear renaissance (EurActiv). According to Andrea Carta, legal counsel at Greenpeace, the broader case for nuclear’s decarbonisation potential was invalid on grounds of cost-effectiveness, proportionality, and the energy’s health and environmental price. “Nuclear is a fairly ineffective and disproportionate way to achieve carbon reductions,” he said. “It comes too little, too late and at excessive cost compared to renewable energy in particular.” Greenpeace argues that nuclear power is more expensive than renewables if accident liability guarantees, waste treatment, security and decommissioning costs are included in the math.


28 UK nuclear plan advances with $15 billion loan backing (Bloomberg). "The guarantee, which acts as an insurance policy for providers of funding that they will get paid, will reduce the cost of debt needed to fund the project by allowing EDF to borrow at rates close to what the government pays, Atherton said. ... EDF will pay commercial rates for the guarantee, which isn’t a subsidy since it’s part of a program available to other energy projects, Davey said. ... 'The government’s award of a guarantee for Hinkley before a contract has even been signed is a nothing but a blank check to the industry,' Greenpeace Chief Scientist Doug Parr said in a statement."

27 Renewable energy to eclipse gas by 2016 (The Guardian).

27 Labour criticises 'one-sided' new nuclear talks with EDF (Utility Week). "Roland Vetter, analyst at CF Partners, said he was not "surprised EDF was pushing for it [the inflation link]" and that an "unofficial deal" has been agreed between the company and the government. He said the inflation link was something EDF Energy wanted "because it makes for a very good opportunity to sell parts of the project to investors at a very good price".

27 Nuclear power gets £10bn financial guarantee boost (The Guardian). "Michael Fallon, the energy minister, insisted the substantial guarantees represented a commercial loan, not a subsidy, saying: "This is big-scale financing, not available in the markets." He added that similar government guarantees had been offered to Drax power station to convert from coal to biomass."

27 Danny Alexander announces £10bn of guarantees for nuclear power station (The Guardian). "Government sources said the public funding to support the £14bn Hinkley Point project did not represent a subsidy to nuclear power since the guarantees would be offered at a commercial rate."

26 Emerging economies lead switch to renewable energy (Financial Times).

26 Government fast tracks road and rail projects with £100bn spend (The Telegraph). While a deal is not expected on the strike price in time for Mr Alexander’s announcement, Mr Osborne hinted yesterday that the Government is prepared to use its £40bn infrastructure guarantee scheme to help build new nuclear plants. “We provide guarantees for new nuclear,” [someone close to the Treasury] said.

24 Solar power still better than nuclear in the fight against climate change (The Guardian).

24 Buildings renovation takes centre stage as debate heats up over energy efficiency targets for 2030 (EurActiv).

24 National Grid analysis clouds Barker's 20GW solar ambition (Utility Week).

24 Nuclear costs and finances (Spinwatch, Pete Roche).

23 UK's nuclear clean-up programme to cost billions more than expected (The Guardian).

23 UK's nuclear clean-up programme to cost billions more than expected (The Guardian).

23 Can wind and sun power run trains on time? (Express).

22 Push for solar power that could cover a hundred Olympic parks (The Telegraph).

21 European approval of UK’s CfD subsidies may set-back launch - DECC (ICIS).

20 Alternative view from Wales (The Japan Times, Robat Idris).

18 UK considers linking nuclear price deal to inflation-source (Reuters).

18 After Fukushima, Japan beginning to see the light in solar energy (The Guardian). This year alone, Japan is forecasted to install solar panels with the capacity of five to seven modern nuclear reactors.

17 Britain 'should not rely on French for new nuclear power plants' (The Telegraph).

15 Delays for the dawn of UK’s new nuclear age (Climate News Network, Paul Brown).

15 Russians target Britain in nuclear power deal: Builder of reactor at Chernobyl has gained a toehold in UK market (This is Money).

12 Anglesey's firms benefit from turbine work (Daily Post).

12 European coal pollution causes 22,300 premature deaths a year, study shows (The Guardian).

11 Nuclear and fossil fuels blamed for "creative accounting" (Energy Live News).

5 Petition to change Wyfla B fuel from nuclear to coal (Daily Post).

4 Decarbonisation target narrowly defeated in Commons energy bill vote (The Guardian).

4 Subsidising N-power (Western Mail, letter from Dr David Lowry, scroll down).

2 Lord Sugar calls for green energy target (Financial Times). See also Cutting our carbon would help UK business (Financial Times, Alan Sugar, 2013-06-02).

1 Renewables club founded by 10 countries (Clean Technica).

1 Renewable energy is clean, cheap and here – what's stopping us? (The Guardian).


31 Ynni niwclear yn “gwbl aneconomaidd” (Golwg).

29 Benj Sykes: green and cheap? Energy suppliers need policy signal to achieve both (The Independent).

28 Nuclear friction within the Czech government (Financial Times).

27 Berlin tells EU it opposes solar anti-dumping action vs China - govt source (Reuters). See also Majority of EU states oppose Chinese solar panels duties (The Telegraph, 2013-05-27).

23 UK cimate adviser says low-carbon mix saves $150 bln (Bloomberg).

20 We can let fission fizzle out in a renewable world (New Scientist). Germany and many other countries have no facility for the final storage of nuclear waste. That's a bit like taking off in an aeroplane without having a proper landing strip ready.

17 Ministers urged to clarify nuclear cost overruns (The Telegraph).

16 EDF slumps after nuclear price concerns trigger stock downgrade (Bloomberg Business Week).

16 Solar is now cheaper than nuclear. Even in the UK (Carbon Commentary).

16 Greenpeace mounts Hinkley Point legal challenge (Utility Week). See also Greenpeace challenge may delay Hinkley Point C for years (Western Daily Press, 2013-05-31).

15 U.S. energy policy should take a lesson from Germany’s Energiewende (Bloomberg).

15 Solar photovoltaics: big market in 2012, big changes ahead (European Photovoltaic Industry Association, press release).

14 Cost of German solar is four times Finnish nuclear (The Breakthrough Institute).

13 Centrica stokes energy fears by revealing EDF nuclear timescale has doubled (The Telegraph).

12 European energy chief puts forward case for funding coal (The Guardian).

10 Goodbye nuclear power: Germany's renewable energy revolution (The Guardian).

9 Hanford nuclear waste cleanup plant may be too dangerous (Scientific American).

Call a truce in the no-winners solar war (Financial Times, Jeremy Leggett).

Four must-see charts show why renewable energy is disruptive – in a good way (Climate Progress).

3 Irish group mounts case against new Hinkley nuclear plant (Energy Live News).

Austria makes formal objection to UK nuclear plans (Newsnet Scotland).

1 UK nuclear power plans are 'Soviet', says EU energy commissioner (The Guardian). See also Twitter row after Oettinger dubs UK nuclear plans ‘Soviet’ (Euractiv, 2013-04-30).


29 Electricity reforms under threat as top civil servant resigns (The Guardian).

28 A question for the Quod: Who will fund new nuclear? (Financial Times).

26 Share of renewable energy up to 13% of energy consumption in the EU27 in 2011 (Europa press release).

26 EDF deal brings Chinese involvement in UK nuclear programme a step closer (The Guardian).

24 Join Germany's green revolution (New Scientist).

24 New inquiry launched on energy subsidies in the UK (Commons Select Committee, press release).

24 Will the public subsidise new nuclear? (The Carbon Brief).

24 MPs point to £2.3bn annual nuclear subsidy (Financial Times).

24 Nuclear accidents: the guilty should pay, not the innocent (Greenpeace International, Justin McKeating).

23 EDF cuts spending on planned Hinkley nuclear power plant (BBC News).

22 Treasury admits 'mistake' over nuclear power cost (SNP press release).

22 The need and necessity of an EU-wide renewable energy target for 2030 (Ecofys, April 2013). 

22 Fracking 'unlikely to give UK cheap gas', report says (The Independent).

22 The international case for developing shale gas in China (Financial Times).

21 Am I paying a lot for 'green' energy? (The Observer).

21 Former Toronto mayor calls for buildings investment (The Scotsman).

20 Delayed nuclear deal faces inquiry (The Telegraph).

19 Why is the National Trust investing in renewables while fighting a windfarm? (The Guardian).

14 SF Planning advice is ignored over building near nuclear sites (The Observer).

11 EU approval for UK CfDs could be delayed by lack of transparency (ICIS).

11 'Most energy-efficient' LED light revealed by Philips (BBC News).

11 What does Warren Buffett see in solar? (

11 What the Dickens? (The Independent, letter from Dr David Lowry, scroll down).

10 Mixed Greens: Portugal hits 60 per cent renewables (RE New Economy).

9 Shale-rich Spanish region votes to ban fracking (Euractiv).

9 More than 1,000 firms demand end to EU-China solar PV trade war (The Guardian).

8 Open letter raises concerns over government nuclear secrecy (The Carbon Brief).

8 EDF ‘in big trouble’ says French nuclear expert (The Telegraph).

8 Germany’s energy stock-take: more power to the people (RE New Economy).

6 MPs and academics call for National Audit Office to review nuclear negotiations (The Sunday Telegraph). 

6 Olympics chief Lord Deighton to bring nuclear power stations to Britain (The Telegraph).

SF Europe queries nuclear safety of airport plan (Rye & Battle Observer).

4 Davey plays it cool on nuclear negotiations (Utility Week).

3 100% renewables and higher: the new trend in energy targets (RE New Economy). See also 100 percent renewable vision building (, 2013-04-04).

2 Poland's nuclear plant project needs state backing-PM (Reuters).

2 Nuclear power may have saved 1.8 million lives otherwise lost to fossil fuels, may save up to 7 million more (Scientific American).

2 German energy surplus quadruples despite renewable push (The Telegraph).

2 Nuclear power – yesterday’s technology? (Financial Times).

2 Wind power costs UK consumer just 10 pounds a year (

2 UK electricity market reform and the EU (PDF, The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Malcolm Keay).

1 Powering world with nuclear would cost quadrillion dollars, says expert - are renewables only option? (

1 Japan's Marubeni taps geothermal power as nuclear alternative (

1 Citigroup: how solar module prices could fall to 25c/watt (RE New Economy).

1 Costly renewable energy 'will damage UK's economy' (The Independent).


31 Triple whammy for solar sector (Scotsman).

28 U.K. renewable power grows 20 percent on new offshore wind farms ( See also Wind power in the UK and Ireland: growing, reliable and making Donald Trump’s hair stand up (Climate Progress, 2013-03-28).

28 UK's CO2 emissions up 4.5% in 2012 (The Guardian).

28 Non-nuclear future (The Guardian, letter from Professor David Elliott).

28 Opportunity for India to fuel UK power plant growth (The Times of India).

27 Letter from Alan Whitehead MP, Simon Hughes MP, Caroline Lucas MP, Zac Goldsmith MP to National Audit Office (PDF).

27 Nuclear industrial strategy outlines Government commitment to growing nuclear energy provision, says expert (

27 EU energy chief calls for no new taxes as talks begin on 2030 climate targets (The Guardian). See also EU energy chief warns against new taxes if sector to remain competitive (The Guardian, 2013-03-28).

27 Renewable energy providers to help bear cost of new UK nuclear reactors (The Guardian). The new reactors planned by EDF for Hinkley Point are significantly larger than any existing power stations, meaning the national grid has to pay for extra standby electricity to stop the grid crashing if one of the reactors unexpectedly goes offline.

27 Renewable energy offers better choice for families hit by huge hike in cost of gas (RenewableUK press release).

26 Asia’s accelerating energy revolution (Rocky Mountain Institute).

26 Nuclear-free future not an option for UK energy strategy, says chief adviser (The Guardian).

24 SF Wind turbines, a new airport and an atomic plant threaten historic wetlands (The Observer). Currently Lydd receives the occasional light aircraft. But approval for a runway extension would allow large commercial aircraft such as the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320, which can weigh over 70 tonnes fully loaded. The operators of Dungeness B, the French energy giant EDF, opposed the application, warning that it would increase the risk of a nuclear accident. "The large increase in air traffic around the site is a risk that should be sensibly avoided in the local and wider public interest," EDF argued in its submission.

23 Too much green energy is bad for Britain (The Telegraph).

22 The clouds are getting greener: Apple data centers powered by 100% renewables (

22 The best thing about shale gas: we know where it is (Forbes).

20 Budget 2013: £40bn infrastructure scheme could help underwrite nuclear projects (The Telegraph). State-backed EDF is understood not to have asked for guarantees to underpin the construction phase at Hinkley Point, with talks focused on the “strike price” – the amount the Government commits to pay for electricity from the plant. But Japan’s Hitachi, which last year bought the Horizon business that plans to build new reactors at Wylfa on Anglesey and Oldbury, near Bristol, is thought to be more interested in some sort of guarantee during the initial construction stage – not least as it tries to bring other investors into the consortium.

21 British nuclear support plans flout EU rules - lawyers (Reuters). Britain's plans to reward nuclear plant operators through fixed prices for low-carbon energy are illegal under existing EU rules and efforts to adapt them are likely to draw opposition from other member states, EU and legal sources said.

21 UK nuclear deal could "displace" precious renewables funding (Renewable Energy Focus). Investment in renewable energy in the UK could be at risk if construction on EDF’s Hinkley Point nuclear power station – the first nuclear power station to receive planning approval in the UK since Sizewell B over two decades ago- is allowed to proceed, according to environmental group Greenpeace. See also Nuclear boss wants to cut family fuel aid (The Independent, 2013-03-17). Chief of French company poised to build reactors in Britain also argues against European subsidies for renewable energy.

20 Google explains why the future of energy is green (Forbes). Google isn’t investing billions into clean energy projects only to feel good and make employees happy. The company is doing it because the bottom-line results are supported by data.

19 Give help to small renewables firms (The Guardian, letter from Dr Dave Toke and others).

18 Can a divestment campaign move the fossil fuel industry? (The Guardian).

15 "I'm worried about consumers’ bills": Energy firm boss blasts long price deals to encourage new nuclear plants (Mirror Money). The chief exec of RWE npower said contracts lasting up to 35 years, to guarantee generators a minimum price for electricity, would be “wrong”. See also Pressure builds on government to deny EDF demands (Dave Toke's blog, 2013-03-15).

14 France predict cost of nuclear disaster to be over three times their GDP (Oil Price). See also Le scénario noir du nucléaire (Le JDD, 2013-03-10).

14 The Big Bang Fair: a distorted view of the value of science (Scientists for Global Responsibility).

14 Nuclear power plans threatened by European commission investigation (The Guardian).

13 EDF raises heat at Hinkley C over price (Financial Times).

13 Prime Minister to make £50 billion bet (press release from Jonathon Porritt, Tom Burke, Tony Juniper and Charles Secrett). See also Letter from Jonathon Porritt, Tom Burke, Tony Juniper and Charles Secrett to the Prime Minister

13 Surge in renewable energy as solar panel prices plummet (The Guardian).

11 The New Energy System is winning the fight for the future (Catherine Mitchell blog).

11 Anti-nuclear campaigners stage protest on Menai Suspension Bridge (Daily Post).

12 EDF and UK to sign a 35-year nuclear deal (Energy Market Price).

12 UK at forefront of European nuclear expansion (DECC press release).

11 Nuclear reactor operators must be financially liable for disasters (The Guardian, Antony Froggatt).

10 No Dash for Gas campaigners set up anti-EDF website (The Guardian).

10 EDF subsidy to put UK on nuclear path (The Independent).

They profit, you pay: the shocking nuclear reality (The Huffington Post). On three continents, in three times zones, the message was the same: Nuclear operators and their suppliers should be held fully responsible for a nuclear disaster.

British Gas is organising blackouts for 2017 to maximise its profits (Michael Meacher).

Nuclear emergency 'reinforces need for Severn Barrage' - Peter Hain (Wales Online). Anglesey Labour MP Albert Owen and fellow members of the cross-party energy and climate change committee will today urge ministers to stop “crossing their fingers” and “urgently develop a back-up energy strategy”.

3 Solar report stunner: unsubsidized 'grid parity has been reached in India', Italy–with more countries coming in 2014 (Climate Progress).

1 Offshore wind farm developer DONG Energy claims it can beat government cost target (The Telegraph).


25 Exclusive: Could renewables provide the key to restoring trust in the energy industry? (Business Green). series of surveys have revealed a clear majority of people are more favourable towards renewables than other forms of energy, and the Edelman survey reveals a similar story with trust in renewables standing at 60 per cent.

25 Finland rejection deals blow to Areva's nuclear export ambitions (Reuters).

25 British Gas creates 1,000 jobs in green sector (The Telegraph).

25 100% renewable energy: becoming the new normal? (RE New Economy).

24 National Trust director-general: wind turbines are 'beautiful' (The Telegraph).

25 Don't let nuclear negotiations drag down renewables (Utility Week, Dave Toke).

24 Letter about nuclear safety in Japan (The Independent, Dr David Lowry (scroll down)).

24 EDF faces calls to drop legal action against activists (The Guardian).

24 Nuclear power's place in a safer, cleaner Britain (The Guardian, letter from Dr David Lowry (scroll down)).

23 Wind farms will create more carbon dioxide, say scientists (The Telegraph).

23 EDF nuclear plan risks further delays (The Telegraph). The French utility giant's plan to build Britain's first new nuclear plants in a generation is unlikely to go ahead "before 2015 at the earliest and potentially much later" due to hurdles in winning EU state aid approval, according to rival SSE.

21 A reality check on the shale revolution (PDF, Nature, vol 494. 307-308, 2013). The production of shale gas and oil in the United States is overhyped and the costs are underestimated.

21 Abyss of uncertainty: Germany's homemade nuclear waste disaster (Spiegel Online). Some 126,000 barrels of nuclear waste have been dumped in the Asse II salt mine over the last 50 years. German politicians are pushing for a law promising their removal. But the safety, technical and financial hurdles are enormous, and experts warn that removal is more dangerous than leaving them put.

21 How 3D printing could revolutionise the solar energy industry (The Guardian).

21 EDF legal action is blow to the right of democratic protest (The Guardian, letter from John Sauven and others).

21 Does the UK need new nuclear? (Financial Times).

20 Now for the downside of fracking (The Telegraph).

20 RWE boss warns over nuclear plant subsidies (The Guardian).

19 Energy in the UK: the coming crunch (The Independent).

19 We cannot afford not to have nuclear in our low-carbon energy mix (The Guardian).

19 EDF confirms it wants 40-year contracts to build nuclear plants (The Guardian). See also The Liberal Democrats' nuclear tax bombshell (SpinWatch, Pete Roche, 2013-02-20).

18 Nuclear power: ministers offer reactor deal until 2050 (The Guardian).

13 New policy can put the EU on track to reach 100% renewable energy (WWF).

12 Report calls for huge expansion of experimental nuclear plants (The Guardian).

12 Colourful 'solar glass' means entire buildings can generate clean power (The Guardian).

11 German environment minister: 'we want to limit fracking' (The Guardian).

11 Wind power capacity grew 20% globally in 2012, figures show (The Guardian). Wind power expanded by almost 20% in 2012 around the world to reach a new peak of 282 gigawatts (GW) of total installed capacity, while solar power reached more than 100GW, having more than doubled in two years. ... In November, the International Energy Agency noted that low-carbon energy was growing quickly, driven largely by state subsidies. But the IEA highlighted that fossil fuels received six times more subsidy – $523bn in 2011, up 30% from 2010 – than low-carbon energy.

11 Scotland's green energy target 'would be threatened by independence vote' (The Guardian).

9 RWE warns on UK energy policy (The Telegraph).

8 Nuclear accident in France could cost more than EUR 400 billion, says IRSN (Nucnet).

7 Negotiations on new nuclear power plants 'need more scrutiny' (BBC News).

7 Renewables now cheaper than coal and gas in Australia (RE New Economy). See also Renewable energy ‘could run Australia’ (Climate News Network, Paul Brown, 2013-01-16).

Cameron's green economy speech - in full (Business Green).

4 Nuclear storage clean-up bill could cost £70bn (The Independent). See also Public Accounts Committee publishes report on Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: managing risk at Sellafield (UK Parliament, 2013-02-04). An enormous legacy of nuclear waste has been allowed to build up on the Sellafield site. Over decades, successive governments have failed to get to grips with this critical problem, to the point where the total lifetime cost of decommissioning the site has now reached £67.5 billion, and there’s no indication of when that cost will stop rising.

Centrica pulls out of new UK nuclear projects (BBC News).

4 Friends of the Earth says George Osborne creating 'bonanza' for oil firms (The Guardian).

2 Tories about to build biggest white elephant (Michael Meacher). The government is shortly set to announce its decision to go ahead with building a second Sellafield MOX plant (SMP) at a cost of £3bn. 

1 From Somerset to Sellafield: it's a thumbs-down to storing nuclear waste (The Telegraph). See also Is it all over for Cumbrian nuclear waste store plans? (BBC News, 2013-02-01).


31 Germany does not need a foreign nuclear power: Greenpeace presents study on nuclear power imports (Greenpeace, Germany). Report in English (PDF).

31 European Commission threatens feed-in tariffs for renewables (Dave Toke's green energy blog).

31 Cumbria sticks it to the nuclear dump lobby – despite all the carrots on offer (The Guardian).

31 European Parliament safety ruling to cost nuclear sector $33bn (Power Engineering).

30 Wind energy 'could deliver £2.3bn boost for economy' (BBC News).

30 Taxpayer billions could be secretly funnelled to EDF to underwrite cost of proposed power station at Hinkley Point (The Independent). MPs: Nuclear support to be kept secret (Greenpeace, Doug Parr, 2013-01-30). It is scandalous that these coalition MPs, who are there to hold Government and Secretaries of State to account, have handed over such wide powers and have actively voted to allow the government to keep the public paying up in ignorance.

30 Nuclear expansion plan thwarted after Cumbria no vote to underground store (The Guardian). See also Cumbria rejects underground nuclear storage dump (The Guardian, 2013-01-30); Nuclear plans in disarray after Cumbria votes 'no' to radioactive dump (The Telegraph, 2013-01-30). Any new nuclear power stations built without long-term plans for how the waste will be buried would almost certainly be subject to legal challenges.

29 New thinking blog: book review of The Carbon Crunch (Catherine Mitchell).

25 Speech at World Economic Forum annual meeting (Europa, press release, Günther Oettinger).

25 "Nuclear operators should bear €25 billion cost of making Europe's reactors safer" (European Parliament).

24 EU referendum: Climate efforts could be 'collateral damage', warn MEPs (The Guardian).

24 UK and Ireland sign pact on renewable energy trading (

23 Solar companies to sue UK government for £140m over feed-in tariff cuts (The Guardian).

22 'Suction bucket' lays new foundation for offshore wind (The Guardian).

22 What exactly is Germany's 'Energiewende'? (DW).

22 Renewable energy: the 99.9% solution (RE New Economy). A combination of wind and solar power and sophisticated energy storage systems could keep a power grid fully supplied between 90 and 99.9% of the time, at costs comparable with today’s fossil fuel and nuclear mix, according to a new study from Delaware in the United States. See also Solution to renewable energy's intermittency problem: more renewable energy (Scientific American, 2012-12-12).

21 Belgium plans to build island to store excess wind energy (

18 Germany's green revolution (PBS Video). A multiparty German plan to end that country’s use of fossil fuels by 2050.

18 Backing energy efficiency would help stave off a triple-dip recession (The Guardian).

17 Report: solar could meet all the world’s electricity needs in 2050 using under one percent of world’s land (Think Progress).

17 Climate Minister: 'Solar is coming of age' (Business Green). Climate Change Minister Greg Barker has predicted the coming years will see a surge in solar installations as the cost of the technology continues to fall and businesses and households realise solar panels offer an effective means of reducing energy bills and carbon emissions.

16 "Nuclear Roulette: the Truth About the Most Dangerous Energy Source on Earth" (Paperback) (Gar Smith).

16 Crown estate to invest £20m in wave and tidal power (The Guardian).

16 Italy and Spain set new records for solar generation (RE New Economy).

16 Historic move: IAEA shifts 47 Japanese reactors into “long-term shutdown” category (World Nuclear Industry Status Report).

15 Areva and EDF defend project costs (The Financial Times).

15 François Hollande: invest in renewable energy to avert 'catastrophe' (The Guardian).

15 Will connecting offshore wind to the grid really cost £17bn? (The Guardian).

15 Ed Davey: UK companies support decarbonising target (The Guardian).

15 François Hollande: invest in renewable energy to avert 'catastrophe' (The Guardian).

14 UK tidal power has huge potential, say scientists (BBC News).

11 US to build $120m rare earth research institute (BBC News).

11 EDF £3bn deal with Network Rail makes trains 'mainly nuclear powered' (The Guardian).

11 Coal-fired power dominates UK generation mix (Platts). 

11 EDF may bring Chinese partner to UK nuclear deal-report (Reuters). See also EDF, China firm held British nuclear talks (Reuters, 2012-01-11). France's EDF remains in the hunt for a partner to build four nuclear reactors in Britain after talks were halted with China's GuangdongNuclear Power Corporation Holding (CGNPC), sources close to the talks said on Friday.

10 Cost agreement over new nuclear reactors powers up EDF talks (This is Money).

10 Mercury poisoning is a growing global menace we have to address (The Guardian).

10 Good Energy green lights first community wind farm tariff (Business Green).

9 Anglesey Council green-lights plans for Wales’ largest PV installation (Solar Power Portal).

9 Solar panels for Cambridge's Trinity College backed (BBC News).

6 Investors spooked by 'complex' UK Energy Bill (The Telegraph).

5 The unwelcome renaissance (The Economist).

2 EDF inquiry puts brakes on UK nuclear plans (Financial Times).

1 Solar energy on the rise in Germany (DW). Solar energy currently accounts for about 5 percent of the country's total electricity usage, the BSW said. The association aims to increase that number to 10 percent by 2020 and at least 20 percent by 2030.