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"Nuclear Subsidies" referred to in Parliament

On the 5th of November 2009, in Parliament, Colin Challen MP was kind enough to refer very positively to the Nuclear Subsidies report, with a reference to this website:

An excellent document called "Nuclear subsidies", which is available on, reveals the full extent of the nuclear subsidies. One of the biggest is the industry’s unlimited insurance, which the taxpayer would have to pick up if something went seriously wrong. However, if the nuclear industry had to pay for it itself, it would force the price of electricity up far beyond the highest price we are anticipating paying for the brand new renewable technologies. As they are rolled out on a larger scale, the price of those technologies will come down and down, but that is not true of the nuclear industry, whose costs will go up and up—not just the cost of uranium, but all the other costs, not least the insurance and the extra costs of having to deal with proliferation. (Hansard, 2009-11-05).