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  • FC - Reports which relate to our second formal complaint to the EC.
  • G - Reports relating to shale gas.
  • I - Reports which relate to the views of potential investors.
  • PO - Reports relating to public opinion.
  • R - Reports relating to the potential of renewable sources of power.
  • S - Reports with evidence for actual or potential subsidies for nuclear power.
  • T - Reports which relate to the timing of investment decisions.


19 Britain's new generation of green power plants 'are caught in planning delays' (The Guardian).

19 UK Government to subsidise nuclear power and limit renewables (Dave Toke's blog).

18 Entente double-cross? (Paul Flynn's blog).

18 Nuclear power subsidies row (The Herald).

18 The North Sea supergrid (Environmental Research Web). "A Memorandum of Understanding on the EU supergrid was signed recently by ten European ministers from countries bordering the North Sea, covering the plan to develop an offshore electricity grid enabling interconnection between continental, offshore and British energy resources."

17 Energy bills to rise £500 due to low-carbon plans – or more likely not (The Guardian).

17 Huhne under pressure over his definition of nuclear subsidy (Financial Times).

17 Energy shake-up 'threatens' Scots' ambitions (The Scotsman).

16 Coalition announces transformation of power market (DECC press release).

16 Salmond concerned over new UK energy plan (BBC News).

16 Treasury figures show poor hit hardest by energy price reforms (BBC News). "First, there will be a new and higher minimum price for carbon emissions from power generation." [NB not carbon emissions from other sources?] "Second, those who invest in nuclear plant, wind farms and other forms of low-carbon energy will be guaranteed a price that yields them a profit." "Third, there will be additional payments to those who create reserve capacity in the energy system, to cope with surges in demand or unexpected cuts in supply." [Including sources abroad?] "Finally, there will be prohibitions on the construction of dirty power stations."

16 Coal and nuclear in Scotland could be phased out by 2030 (FoE Scotland press release). See also The power of Scotland secured (FoE Scotland, 2010-12-16).

16 Electricity reform must deliver renewable progress (WWF Scotland press release).

16 UK government agrees to subsidise nuclear power companies' prices (The Telegraph). See also UK taxpayers face unlimited nuclear waste bills if costs spiral (The Telegraph, 2010-12-08).

16 The biggest energy market shake-up in 25 years (The Telegraph).

16 Britain's Power chiefs reveal nuclear blueprint (The Telegraph).

16 Energy reform is a burning issue and the nuclear fallout will be higher bills (The Telegraph).

16 £500 on electricity bills to pay for green energy (The Telegraph).

15 Huhne heralds green energy upheaval (Financial Times).

11 Youth wants renewables - not coal, or nuclear (Environmental Research Web).

10 "No subsidy for Nuclear" ( Comment by Jonathon Porritt.

1 Nuclear power 'failing' price test (The Sydney Morning Herald).


13 Britain's Power chiefs reveal nuclear blueprint (Sunday Telegraph).

13 Government blinks first in UK's nuclear stand-off (Sunday Telegraph). New kinds of subsidy for nuclear power?

12 Russian nuclear manufacturer moves into wind (World Nuclear News).

12 Milton Financials: French energy firm Areva commits to $3 billion investment into India’s solar sector (

9 Call to stop fossil fuel subsidy (BBC News). Delays in cutting emissions mean that it will be more expensive to do the job later. See also More than $5 fossil fuel subsidies for every $1 of support for renewables (, 2010-11-09). IEA report; and Global temperature to rise 3.5 degrees C. by 2035: International Energy Agency (Christian Science Monitor, 2010-11-11).

7 Chris Huhne speech to GLOBE Forum, Tianjin (DECC).

7 Orders for wind turbines to fall by 93%, energy experts predict (The Observer).

7 Ministers' meetings with nuclear lobby raise concerns of favouritism (The Observer).

7 Nuclear is not a viable energy stop-gap (The Herald). Article by Caroline Lucas.

6 EU countries launch North Sea electricity grid (

5 'More incentives needed for nuclear', says Energy Minister Charles Hendry (The Telegraph). New kinds of subsidy for nuclear power?


28 EU seeks Sahara solar energy to ease Russia reliance (African Business Review). Statement by Guenther Oettinger.

28 Wind energy? No thanks – we want to keep our nuclear option (The Independent).

28 Power failure: UK's wind farm plans in disarray (The Independent).

28 Jeremy Leggett: Solar storm coming: the battle for the UK energy industry (The Independent).

26 Desertec conference & expo begins today (Solar Novus Today). Keynote speech by Guenther Oettinger.

26 Desertec: electricity from the Desert unites Europe with the Arab world (PR Newswire). Quotes from Guenther Oettinger.

26 Sahara solar energy needed to ease reliance on Russia, EU says (Bloomberg). A plan to build solar-power generators in the Sahara desert to supply electricity to the European Union may ease the continent’s reliance on Russia for supplies, EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said.

25 Go-ahead for wind to generate 70,000 jobs (Financial Times).

25 Changes in energy R&D needed to combat climate change (IIASA press release). “Current investments in energy technology R&D by the public sector, in all industrialized countries, are heavily biased in favor of nuclear energy, to the detriment of energy efficiency research,” says IIASA energy expert, Dr Keywan Riahi. “Given their respective importance for future climate mitigation this is a significant imbalance. Based on current investments, we estimate that a five-fold increase in investment in energy efficiency is needed to address this imbalance. Importantly, if the current rate and allocation of investment in energy R&D is maintained there is a high chance that technology development will be insufficient to meet stringent GHG reduction targets.” 

25 Utilities to issue warning on carbon price (Financial Times).

20 Work begins in world's largest wind farm (UPI).

20 Caroline Lucas’ nuclear report identifies £100bn of potential savings (News from Brighton).

19 Public to pay for new nuclear era (The Telegraph). Mike Childs, of Friends of the Earth, said the public could end up paying billions to clean up power stations as there is unlikely to be enough paid into the decommissioning fund.

19 UK's new nuclear power stations 'already nine months late' (The Telegraph).

19 Spending review will test chancellor's green promises (The Guardian). See also The greenest government ever? Only if the Treasury can be tamed (The Guardian, 2010-09-08).

18 Government paves way for new nuclear power but drops plans for Severn barrage (FoE press release). "The Coalition promised no public subsidy for nuclear power, but it appears to be going back on its word - not ruling out a cap on liability costs for nuclear operators in case of an accident is a subsidy by another name." (Simon Bullock).

18 Taxpayer could be hit by nuclear waste bill for new reactors (The Guardian).

18 Subsidy for eight nuclear reactors rejected (Financial Times). Ministers said they would not rule out taking on 'financial risks' as the government paved the way for eight new nuclear reactors, but they insisted there would be 'no subsidy' for new nuclear power. “This means there will be no levy, direct payment or market support for electricity supplied or capacity provided by a private sector new nuclear operator, unless similar support is also made available more widely to other types of generation,” said Chris Huhne, secretary of state for energy and climate change. ... Even though the government reiterated it would not provide any subsidies for new nuclear plants, Mr Huhne said it would not rule out action to take on “financial risks or liabilities” for which it was compensated. ... Under the Energy Act, new nuclear operators must have arrangements in place to meet the full costs of decommissioning and their full share of waste management costs. However, Mr Huhne said the government would not rule out assuming responsibility for radioactive waste, including spent fuel “at a fixed price”, provided it properly reflected any financial risks or liabilities assumed by the state.

18 Huhne's shameless U-turn puts nuclear back on agenda as power plant plans are unveiled (Daily Mail).

18 U.K. may share some financial risks to support nuclear (Bloomberg).

13 Greenfield sites dropped from list of new nuclear reactors (The Guardian).

11 I Constellation and EDF split: what does this mean for British nuclear? (Financial Times). See also Constellation drops nuclear plant, denting EDF's U.S. plans (Bloomberg, 2011-10-10).

10 Environment adviser warns against green funding cuts (The Observer).

9 Constellation Energy shelves plan for Calvert Cliffs reactor (Washiington Post).

8 EU urged to probe German nuclear power plant pact (The Parliament). Extending life of Germany's nuclear power plants could be illegal under EU competition law.

7 S EU state aid and competition law (The Greens / European Free Alliance in the European Parliament, press release).

7 Port cuts 'to cost 60,000 green jobs' (The Guardian). Government drops £60m port upgrades for giant turbines. Nuclear lobby secures clean-up costs in spending review.

4 Germany adds nearly 1% of electricity supply with solar in eight months (

1 Open letter to Danny Alexander and Vince Cable on feed-in tariff (The Guardian).


27 The Great Expectations Report (UKERC). The cost of offshore wind power.

21 Chris Huhne: Green Deal will be a revolution (Liberal Democrats). Chris Huhne: "And I say again there will be no subsidy to nuclear, for a very clear reason: it is a mature technology, not an infant needing nurture. Every person in my department has a very clear motivation to ensure that the full costs of nuclear – present and future – are fully taken into account. More than half our budget – £1.7bn a year – goes on the clean-up costs of old nuclear facilities. Britain had artificially cheap nuclear electricity for decades. Governments repeatedly looked only at the short term. The result is that we are paying far, far more than if we had dealt with waste and decommissioning in a timely manner. Never again. Not on my watch. No hidden subsidies."

21 Nuclear Subsidy (The Times). The Government favours a floor price on carbon over a levy on consumer electricity bills.

19 UK renewable energy industry right on target – when the wind blows (The Observer).

18 Centrica alert over a nuclear snub (Daily Mail).

18 Britain's energy policy is in crisis (The Telegraph). Chrustopher Booker!

15 When will EDF make a final decision about UK EPRs? (Nuclear Engineering International).

15 Nuclear decommissioning to cost UK half of overall energy budget (Platts).

14 Fears £9bn clean coal programme could be drastically scaled back (The Guardian).

13 Cable voices support for nuclear future (STV).

12 Nuclear: New dawn now seems limited to the east (Financial Times).

10 Hendry: Nuclear won't be built by plumbers from Brighton (Utility Week).

10 Warning on target for green energy (Financial Times). See also Lord Turner: 'We must act now to meet energy targets' (The Independent, 2010-09-10).

9 VLS study: widely misunderstood in U.S., the French 'nuclear miracle' is plagued by fast-rising reactor costs and 'crowding out' of renewables (Digital Journal).

3 Britain's energy challenge: meeting energy generation and carbon emission targets (The Independent).

2 Energy secretary Chris Huhne warned not to cut subsidies for green electricity (The Guardian).

2 Chris Huhne: 'A deal is a deal' (Whitehaven News).

1 Really, Mr Huhne, you should brush up on your French (Parliamentary Brief). Article by Stephen Thomas.


31 S Wind Energy – paying the price (Utility Exchange Online). "Wind farm operators are angry – this is due to news that their overheads could increase by millions of pounds a year because of plans to upgrade and reinforce the grid to cope with a new fleet of nuclear reactors, reports ... National Grid estimates that as a result [of the proposed development of new nuclear power stations], the annual cost of providing so-called Large Loss Response will grow from £160 million a year to £319 million."

25 EDF, RWE may spend $9.3 billion per new nuclear plant in U.K., Hendry says (Bloomberg). If a plant is rated at 1.7 GW, this equates to about 5471 US$/kW or about 3530 £/kW.

25 S Consultants are called in (Whitehaven News). "As three Copeland borough sites are earmarked for building nuclear power stations, prospective reactor developers would have to help foot the bill under planning performance agreements where applicants are seeking development consent.
The rest of the cost would come from central government funding for local authorities which might have nuclear new-build in their areas."

25 S UK may only give interim approval for EPR, AP1000 reactor (Platts). Who is paying for all this work?

25 S A levy on nuclear producers is right (Financial Times). Accelerated depreciation for nuclear power stations, with producers being organised in oligopolies with tariffs regulated on a cost-plus basis, creates excess charges for consumers and a subsidy for nuclear operators.

24 S Exclusive: Will wind farms pick up the tab for new nuclear? (Business Green). The expected increase in the number of nuclear power stations in the UK will mean that the annual cost of providing the so-called Large Loss Response will rise from £160m a year to £319m. But the costs will be shared equally across all electricity providers.

22 Minister with the energy to bat for Britain (The Telegraph). "He [Charles Hendry] toes the department line on no taxpayer support for the £50bn construction but there appears to be wriggle-room on the definition of subsidy. 'Something specifically for nuclear and only nuclear I would consider a subsidy,' he says carefully. 'Something for [all low-carbon generation] I would consider to be of a general nature.'"

19 S Bam to build £17.5m Sheffield nuclear research centre (Construction News).

17 New US nuclear projects depend on federal loan guarantees: S&P (Platts). "A merchant nuclear plant costing $6,500/kW to build is likely uncompetitive without a federal loan guarantee at prevailing forward gas prices, S&P said. Such a project could become viable with subsidies even at prices lower than recent spot rates for natural gas."

17 Scottish firm BiFab wins £4m contract to build prototype tidal energy turbine (The Guardian).

16 Plan for first floating wind farm off Scotland (BBC News).

16 The reality of nuclear energy is inconsistent with dreams of a renaissance (The Guardian).

15 Mark Leftly: Huhne's stance on nuclear policy was perfectly clear (The Independent).

14 Britain is struggling to power the nuclear revolution (The Telegraph).

13 UK government pressed on new nuclear (Modern Power Systems).

13 UK supports new nuclear power sans government subsidies (New Statesman).

13 Scientists reveal nuclear energy masterplan (Business Weekly).

12 New technologies to spark 'nuclear renaissance' (ITN).

10 S Exercising Britain's nuclear options (The Independent). Chris Huhne insists Britain's new nuclear power stations will be built on time, but scepticism remains. "A market review is promised over the coming year, with a range of options on the table, the industry favourite being an extension of the RO to create a generic "low-carbon obligation"."

10 The nuclear champion: I was never against atomic power says Huhne as he promises eight new plants (Daily Mail).

9 Whole buildings could become solar panels (The Telegraph).

7 S Carbon windfall for EDF (The Telegraph).

6 Councils to sell electricity to the national grid in green initiative (The Independent).

5 Nuclear renaissance in disarray: French move to set aside funds for anticipated losses at troubled Calvert Cliffs reactor, even as pressure grows for $8-$10 billion U.S. bailout (Nuclear Information and Resource Service, press release).

4 Nuclear is important part of future energy mix (Financial Times, letter from Chris Huhne MP).

3 S Nuclear centre avoids budget cuts (Construction News).

3 Fossil fuel subsidies are 10 times those of renewables, figures show (The Guardian). Report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance.1 Minister says private sector will build nuclear plants (BBC News) See also Chris Huhne says new nuclear plants on track for 2018 (BBC News, 2010-08-09).


29 S Centrica wants guarantee for new plants (Financial Times). "Mr Beckers [chief executive of RWE npower] has called for the renewables obligation subsidy, which supports wind power and other renewable electricity, to be extended to nuclear."

28 Free solar panels and cheaper bill offered in exchange for use of roof by electricity firm (Daily Mail).

28 Go for nuclear or ramp up solar with DECC's carbon calculator (The Guardian).

27 UK businesses face steep rise in energy bills (The Guardian).

27 Huhne lays out coalition energy policy before parliament (Business Green).

27 Huhne backs new nuclear by 2018 (Business Green).

26 All power to the wind – it cuts your electricity bills (New Scientist). Includes discussion of 'marginally priced markets' and 'merit order effect'.

26 Nuclear energy loses cost advantage (New York Times). See also A first: cost of solar power now cheaper than nuclear (Tonic, 2010-07-31).

25 U.K.'s Energy Secretary Huhne favors subsidy for wind energy over nuclear (Bloomberg). See also Nuclear power must not be the poor relation (The Telegraph, 2010-07-25).

24 Lord Flowers of Queensgate; nuclear scientist and university rector (The Herald).

22 Suspend nuclear build call (North West Evening Mail).

22 Oil shock 'likely' within decade, warns Huhne (Fiancial Times).

22 S Secret files reveal lobbying behind axeing of Sheffield Forgemasters loan (The Guardian). There appears to have been legal advice that the loan was "in breach of EU state aid regulations".

21 TalkWorksEXTRA: Professor Keith Barnham on nuclear power v renewables (YouTube).

21 David Prosser: who will pay the bill for closing Britain's £200bn energy gap? (The Independent).

19 UK warned not to abandon low-carbon technology drive (The Guardian).

19 Funding cuts will finish Britain's clean energy race (The Guardian).

18 UK must invest in nuclear to meet carbon target: KPMG (Reuters). Britain must reform electricity markets if it is to secure the private investment needed to meet its carbon emissions targets, according to a study by KPMG.

17 S Developers are urged to compensate community for nuclear waste storage (This is Devon).

17 KPMG says nuclear power 'won't happen' (The Telegraph).

15 Consultation on draft national policy statements for energy (Press release, DECC). See also Nuclear industry jitters over government 're-consultation' (The Telegraph, 2010-07-16).

14 Europe needs to reduce emissions by 30% (Financial Times).

14 Europe halfway to reaching 20 per cent renewable target (Business Green).

14 S Decisions on nuclear stations in 3 months (Bristol Evening Post). [Charles Hendry] said [the Government] is considering compensating communities with sites nearby, which could be worth tens of millions of pounds a year for places near Hinkley Point in Somerset, and Oldbury, South Gloucestershire.

12 S Nuclear energy companies want Huhne to push for new plants (New Statesman). "The energy bosses want nuclear power to be treated as a low carbon power fuel source for tax purposes."

12 Energy policy major test of Government's leadership (EER press release).

10 S Nuclear targets 'at risk' (Sunday Telegraph). RWE calls for "low carbon obligation".

7 Scotland’s electricity needs – can they be met from renewables without
recourse to nuclear? (Nuclear Free Local Authorities Briefing).

7 Germany targets switch to 100% renewables for its electricity by 2050 (The Guardian).

3 France imports UK electricity as plants shut (The Times).

2 EDF’s French nuclear spending plans face scrutiny (Update1) (Bloomberg Businessweek).


29 Ministers to rule on fast-tracked big planning schemes (BBC News).

29 The £84 per year green tax hidden on energy bills that most consumers do not know they are paying (Daily Mail). Read more: .

28 Green setback for UK as British power supplied by renewable sources falls (The Guardian). Contains information about Green Investment Bank and Sir David King calling for nuclear power.

27 Carbon Trust faces the axe (The Sunday Times).

27 Gas glut hastens demise of coal (The Sunday Times).

25 Chris Huhne calls for 'meaningful' carbon price (

24 S Centrica CEO sticks to new nuclear timetable (Reuters). Laidlaw: "If there's a mechanism that supports offshore wind and clean coal, which it looks like there will be, there needs to be some mechanism for nuclear and I think he (Huhne) recognises that."

24 UK lights will stay on without new nuclear: Huhne (Reuters). "In extremis, if there is a supply problem, we can put up a gas generation plant in 18 months,"

22 Budget promises wave of green policy announcements in autumn ( Mentions reform of the Climate Change Levy.

22 Cameron boosts nuclear incentives with carbon fee (Update2) (Bloomberg Business Week).

21 Greenpeace slams Government 'handouts' for nuclear industry (The Independent). See also Claims of ‘handouts’ for nuclear reactors denied (North West Evening Mail, 2010-06-28).

19 Firms paid to shut down wind farms when the wind is blowing (The Telegraph).

19 Energy secretary Chris Huhne admits: 'Not much I can do to stop Wylfa B' (Daily Post).

18 Forgemasters cut puts brakes on UK's nuclear ambition (The Engineer).

17 Gas power stations 'should have carbon capture' (The Guardian).

17 Hendry promises carbon floor price "when new nuclear plant comes on line" (Utility Week). This report suggests that DECC is looking at mechanisms that "would not penalise existing fossil fuel plants or give a financial boost to nuclear power plants near the end of their lives". See also EDF approves nuclear build policy (The Engineer, 2010-06-17). This report mentions the possibility of a 'low carbon obligation' instead of a 'renewables obligation'.

17 Anti-industry spending cuts echo 1980s' short-termism (The Guardian).

17 Nuclear sector loan set to be axed (Financial Times).

17 The real costs of nuclear power (The Guardian). Letters in response to the article published by Paul Spence of EDF on 2010-06-15.

16 U.K. to cut barriers to nuclear power, minister says (Update1) (Bloomberg Business Week).

15 We have not asked the taxpayer to subsidise new nuclear energy (The Guardian). This is a response to the article published on 2010-06-02.

14 Centrica looks hard at its nuclear option (City AM).

13 Chris Huhne: Why I'm turned on by turning things off (The Independent on Sunday).

11 Climate deal blueprint could curb US emissions and poor nations' growth (The Guardian).

11 Lib Dem hopes for 'win-win' nuclear solution (

9 EDF invests £10m in two engineering skills hubs (The Independent).

4 UK nuclear needs high CO2 price or market reform (Reuters).

4 German trio to finance 'wind in sea' (The Financial Times).

3 Fissile: plans for new nuclear power stations could split the government (The Economist).

3 Loan for nuclear parts plant no longer certain (Interactive Investor).

3 Operational update (Investigate). Intermittency in nuclear power plants.

2 Germany to raise solar target for 2010 & adjust tariffs (

2 EDF ran secret lobbying campaign to reduce nuclear waste disposal levy (The Guardian). A response to this article by EDF has been published on 2010-06-15.

2 An uncertain future for nuclear power (

1 Chris Huhne warns of £4bn black hole in nuclear power budget (The Guardian).


24 The Government has found a backhanded way to subsidise nuclear power (The Ecologist).

23 Chris Huhne's plans for energy prices and generation have been welcomed by the industry (The Scotsman).

21 Lib Dems could have the last laugh on nuclear energy (Inverness Courier).

20 SSE chief warns on fuel bills (The Herald).

20 Boost for offshore wind farms after 25 new sites identified (The Scotsman).

20 Where next for nuclear as Labour's 'unaccountable quango' faces axe? (The Times).

20 Nuclear industry presses sceptical Huhne over backing new reactors (The Guardian).

19 Future of Wylfa B in doubt (Holyhead & Anglesey Mail).

19 UK on course to reap massive renewable energy harvest (The Guardian). See also Britain's offshore renewable energy worth a billion barrels of oil and 145,000 new jobs (The Independent, 2010-05-20), How wind, tide and wave could power Scotland seven times over (The Scotsman, 2010-05-20), Marine energy could create 145,000 jobs (The Herald, 2010-05-20).

18 Wave power prototype 'significant step' for sector (BBC News). E.ON buys into Pelamis device.

18 £750m government funding for UK car and nuclear industries under threat (The Times).

17 Assurances are needed that Wylfa B is still viable (Daily Post).

17 Industry backs plans for carbon price floor to boost nuclear (The Independent).

15 Nuclear will not get atom of help from this Government, says Chris Huhne (The Times).

14 Future of Wylfa B in doubt under coalition government plans (Daily Post).

14 Finance, not politics, the main obstacle to nuclear, say campaigners (The Ecologist).

13 Britain's nuclear industry wakes up to an explosive problem as Chris Huhne moves in (The Telegraph).

13 Coalition Government: Nuclear plans destabilised by Lib Dem energy minister (The Telegraph).

13 Huhne: 'A lot of ifs' over new nuclear (BBC News).

12 Blue and yellow make green as the new Government's policies emerge (The Telegraph).

12 Full text: Conservative-Lib Dem deal (BBC News).

7 More spending urged on green energy (MSN UK Environment).

4 No need for nuclear power (The Independent). Letter from Paul Dorman and others.

3 UK expects to win reprieve on EU emissions plans (The Independent).

2 General Election 2010: Would coalition rule leave the UK heading for quick-fix gas? (The Telegraph).


30 Q&A: Feed-in tariffs (The Guardian).

29 S DECC may share £16bn new nuclear waste risks (ENDS Report).

28 Nuclear’s cost advantage over wind is suspect (Financial Times). Letter from Prof Steve Thomas.

16 S Waking up to a nightmare of nuclear terrorism (The Telegraph). Not enough protection provided for nuclear fuel and nuclear waste.

13 UK faces court action over planning law (The Guardian).

11 US military warns oil output may dip causing massive shortages by 2015 (The Observer).

10 E.ON eyes low-carbon future profit (The Telegraph).

10 S Carbon floor price no green guarantee (The Telegraph).

1 S Nuclear levy "not a subsidy" (Nuclear News).


31 Anglesey protest over plans for new nuclear power plant (BBC News).

31 WAG to press for a public inquiry into N-plant proposal (Western Mail).

29 R Come sun, rain, or high wind: Europe could create a 100% renewable electricity supply by 2050 (press release from PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2010-03-29).

28 S Power crunch looms for Britain (Sunday Times).

27 Huge cut in warheads banishes legacy of the Cold War (The Independent).

26 The nuclear fig leaf is falling (Fast Company).

26 Heathrow protesters win third runway court victory (The Guardian). Shows that climate change is relevant to this kind of legal judgement -- which is potentially relevant to nuclear power.

25 S Green bank equity sets focus for big renewal (Financial Times). See also Eco-investment: £2bn fund to boost green businesses (The Independent, 2010-03-25) and Budget 2010: Green investment bank to boost wind power (The Times, 2010-03-25), Budget 2010: Consumers face levy on energy bills to pay for nuclear plants (Guardian, 2010-03-25).

25 S Reforms to help low-carbon electricity generators (Financial Times).

24 Principles of scientific advice to government published (UK Government News Distribution Service).

21 S Rail link sell-off will raise £2bn for green energy projects (The Guardian).

19 Nuclear group spent $460,000 lobbying in 4Q (Business Week).

19 S Energy firms could be forced to buy low-carbon power (The Guardian).

19 S Tories’ green bank to revolutionise power policy (The Times). See also Tory energy policy given lukewarm response by energy analysts (The Telegraph).

16 S Government rediscovers industry by funding nuclear firm Sheffield Forgemasters (The Guardian).

15 Minister's ambition for future Welsh green energy (BBC News). See also Renewables could “nearly double” electricity production in Wales (New Energy Focus, 2010-03-15). The policy statement from the Welsh Assembly Government may be downloaded via links from Low carbon revolution: Wales’ energy policy statement (PDF, March 2010).

14 New era for Saudi Arabia of renewables (Scotland on Sunday).

11 Academics demand independent inquiry into new nuclear reactors (The Guardian).

10 New generation of nuclear in doubt (The Telegraph).

9 Sarkozy seeks funding, training for nuclear energy (Planet Ark).

9 Sarkozy in call over nuclear energy funding (Financial Times).

8 UK offshore wind costs at least twice nuclear: study (Reuters).

5 Nuclear draft row mounts (Planning Daily).

4 Nuclear new-build needs carbon price certainty, say developers (Utility Week).

4 UK faces struggle to find site for £12bn nuclear waste storage (The Telegraph).

3 S Date set for dump benefit fund (John O'Groat Journal).

2 Energy minister promises to drive up the price of carbon (New Civil Engineer).


26 High cost could halt Brown's wind farm plan (The Times).

25 Mitsubishi to build £100m UK wind turbine factory (The Guardian).

22 Nuclear power is too risky (CNN, Mark Jacobson).

22 Gates goes nuclear in zero carbon vision (

21 Lord Mandelson ready to go nuclear (The Sunday Times).

19 Windfarm blade plant to open on Tyneside (The Independent).

18 Why Obama's nuclear bet won't pay off (Time Magazine).

18 Sweden considers higher penalties for nuclear reactor accidents (Earth Times). See also Nuclear law changes proposed in Sweden (World Nuclear News, 2010-02-19).

17 Wind energy jobs on way to Anglesey says Peter Hain (Daily Post).

14 Sellafield is like BP's Texas City before the fire, says NDA's boss (The Observer). See also Sellafield: inside the big clean-up (The Sunday Times).

9 Siemens touts growth in renewables and the value of the American market (New York Times).

6 Is solar power a bright investment? (The Guardian).

5 Green energy will not meet world demand, warns BP boss (The Independent).

4 No major nuclear revival by 2030, says CIGI report (Cloud Computing Journal).

4 Dash for gas is UK's best energy strategy, says BP chief (The Guardian).

4 Britain's energy policy goes back to the future (The Guardian).

2 Feed-in tariffs are disappointing for local renewable energy (The Guardian, Simon Hughes MP).

2 Britain launches comprehensive system of feed-in rates (

1 Labour prepares to tear up 12 years of energy policy (The Times).


28 Infrastructure Planning Commission will never work if Tories win (The Times).

22 Infant leukaemias near nuclear power stations (Review by Dr Ian Fairlie for CND).

22 UK new nuclear build will not get government subsidies (The Energy Collective).

22 UK nuclear newbuild timings, funding remain uncertain: government (Platts).

22 National Audit Office raise prospect of public subsidies for nuclear (The Telegraph). See also UK could face bill for French nuclear plants (Daily Express), Legal challenge threatens to put "nuclear renaissance" on hold (Business Green), and The sale of the Government’s interest in British Energy (National Audit Office, 2010-01-22).

21 Green group threatens legal challenge to government's nuclear plans (The Guardian).

21 Live Q&A: Lord Hunt on nuclear power (The Guardian).

18 Energy feed-in tariff needs a boost (The Guardian, letters).

15 Germany's endless search for a nuclear waste dump (Der Spiegel).

11 Costs of managing nuclear risk slows construction of new power stations (The Guardian).

10 Rise in gas-fired stations raises supply concerns (Financial Times).

9 £100bn wind farm plan heralds green energy era (The Independent).

8 Wind farms: Generating power and jobs? (BBC News).

8 Wind farms could power half of Britain’s homes, but jobs could go overseas (The Times).

7 Why Britain must take the nuclear path (Financial Times, Vincent de Rivaz).

7 Blair's nuclear dream faces financial meltdown (Parliamentary Brief, Stephen Thomas).

7 Tony Lodge: Cold snap sends shivers through energy policy (Yorkshire Post).

3 Gordon Brown to launch £100bn wind energy programme (The Observer).

3 Sun, wind and wave-powered: Europe unites to build renewable energy 'supergrid' (The Observer).

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