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24 Green energy use up to 22% (The Scotsman).

23 Copenhagen’s failure may leave plans for new nuclear power stations high and dry (The Times).

22 CBI calls for energy savings after weak Copenhagen deal (The Telegraph).

22 Low carbon price threatens investment crucial to meet UK green goals (The Independent).

21 Falling carbon price could result in higher bills, energy firms warn (The Guardian).

19 Winners to be revealed in £100bn bid battle to build UK windparks (The Times).

17 Funding cuts 'threaten to kill UK's nuclear research programme' (The Times).

17 S Three latest industry setbacks further dim nuclear 'renaissance' (Your Industry News).

16 Copenhagen’s nuclear glow (The Financial Times).

11 Scotland could “easily meet” 100% renewable electricity mark (

11 S US senators: more coal, oil and nukes are "solution" for global warming (Truthout).

11 R Wanted: dark and stormy nights (The Times).

10 Debate over UK nuclear legal challenge heats up (ICIS Heren). The Nuclear Subsidies report is provoking a reaction! Energy Fair is described as an "influential pressure group".

10 R Copenhagen: Scotland's perfect conditions could lead the way to a greener, low-carbon future (The Scotsman).

9 S Nuclear wins £8m upgrade (Professional Engineering).

9 R Plans in place to meet our green energy targets 'three times over' (The Scotsman).

9 North Sea coal to be burnt underground (The Times).

9 UK ground pumps could meet third of green heat aim (Reuters).

9 R Solar energy can cut bills for property firms (The Times).

7 R Energy performance of buildings: photovoltaic systems to become a standard product in new buildings (PDF, press release from the European Photovoltaic Industry Association).

4 R Rollout of smart meters could turn Britain into a nation of power stations (The Times).

3 S Government outlines support for UK civil nuclear sector ahead of Copenhagen (press release from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)).

3 Can we go 100% renewable? (BBC).

2 We won't build new nuclear power stations -- say Tories (North-West Evening Mail).


30 R Renewable energy 'could provide 6% of UK's needs by 2020' (The Guardian).

29 Will nuclear power blow up Obama's climate goals for Copenhagen? (Truthout).

27 Designs for new UK nuclear reactors are unsafe, claims watchdog (The Guardian).

25 New Energy Finance: solar power 50% cheaper by year end, other clean energy sources drop 10% (Climate Progress).

25 EDF builds on nuclear past (Wall Street Journal).

25 E.ON chief Paul Golby fears clean coal may never be viable (The Telegraph).

25 Nuclear fuel: are we heading for a uranium crunch? (New Scientist).

25 New UK nuclear stations unlikely to be on time (BBC Newsnight). Newsnight asked the man in charge of regulating new nuclear stations here, Kevin Allars of the NII, if any nuclear power station had every been delivered on time in the UK. "No," was his response.

25 Nuclear to add just £40 to bills, says EDF (Financial Times).

20 US should focus on energy efficiency and renewables not nuclear, says report (Energy Efficiency News).

19 Nuclear contamination (The Economist). France has had to import large quantities of electricity this year because almost a third of its nuclear plants went out of service at some point, either because of strikes or for maintenance. France’s grid operator recently warned that the country could even suffer power cuts this winter. ... Whereas EDF’s existing fleet of plants produces power at an average cost of around €30 per megawatt hour (MWh), says Ms Savvantidou, the cost of energy from its new plants will be around €55-60/MWh, and could rise as high as €70 if projects run over budget. ... French regulators will seek to ensure that EDF can make a profit from the new plants it builds at home. Electricity prices are expected to go up over time as fixed tariffs are phased out. But reaching average price levels of €60/MWh or more will be politically difficult and will take a long time, says Ms Savvantidou. Indeed, Mr Proglio’s predecessor, Pierre Gadonneix, caused a stir when he said prices would have to rise by 20%. Abroad, in less regulated markets, EDF will face even greater uncertainty about future returns. It has called on the British government to support new nuclear plants to speed their construction.

17 The coming nuclear crisis (MIT Technology Review). Countries that rely on uranium imports will face uranium shortages, possibly as soon as 2013.

16 The hidden carbon cost of nuclear (London Evening Standard). "The money a nuclear generator will make in the future from selling carbon permits effectively underwrites the present cost of building the reactor."

12 Britain's renewable energy targets are 'physically impossible', says study (The Guardian).

12 Nuclear power industry may benefit from climate change levy exemption (The Times).

10 Nuclear: the corporate killer in our midst? (The Telegraph).

10 S Nuclear plan will add £60 to bills (Daily Mail).

9 S I New Nuclear – the economics say no; UK green lights new nuclear – or does it? (PDF, 144 KB, report from Citigroup Global Equities Online).

8 China lower risk than UK for green investors, claims Deutsche Bank (The Observer).

7 S EDF Energy wants Britain to fix the market if it builds nuclear plants (The Times).

5 S Colin Challen MP refers to the Nuclear Subsidies report in Parliament.

3 S Massive nuclear subsidies won't solve climate change (

2 S US nuclear industry calls for more federal support (Energy Efficiency News).

2 Nuclear renaissance -- not dead yet (


27 S Green tax proposals 'would increase household energy bills by £800 a year' (The Telegraph).

21 Wind capacity to overtake nuclear by 2012, says BWEA (New Energy Focus).

20 Shifting to 100% renewable energy would save money ( See also Study: Shifting the world to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2030 – here are the numbers (Stanford University press release). An article about this is due out in the Scientific American in November 2009.

20 Taxpayers' Alliance slams nuclear construction jobs tax plan (The Career Engineer).

19 I'd choose nuclear power over a climate crash. But will the government grow up and clean its mess up? (The Guardian). George Monbiot has gone nuclear.

19 Ministers refuse to attend debate on price of nuclear power (The Guardian).

19 Families face nuclear tax on power bills (The Guardian). See also Nuclear power: The consumer always pays in the same issue, and Energy bills 'will have to rise to pay for nuclear energy' (The Telegraph).

16 S Government will need to finance nuclear power (Bristol Evening Post).

14 Stewart Brand’s nuclear enthusiasm falls short on facts and logic (Grist, article by Amory Lovins).

12 Energy policy changes are needed to hit key 'green' targets, Government told (The Telegraph).

11 Energy sector set for revolution (Sunday Telegraph). The Government's Committee on Climate Change, headed by Lord Turner, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) chairman, will say that there should be a "floor price" on carbon emission permits, a move that will create an incentive for industry to "go green" as it will cost more to emit CO2. Lord Turner, who will deliver the progress report to ministers, is also likely to advise that nuclear must play a larger role in helping Britain hit its goals on reducing emissions, raising the possibility of subsidies or a levy to help those companies building new plants.

4 Professor David MacKay: Britain 'must go nuclear' to control climate (The Times).

2 New UK nuclear build? (Adam Smith Institute blog, scroll down).


24 UK nuclear subsidies: that’s a no, then (Financial Times).


12 Cost of solar energy will match fossil fuels by 2013, claims Solarcentury (The Guardian).