News 2015

Key, reports relating to:

  • C - Government consultation
  • CA - Capacity market
  • EMR - Electricity market reform.
  • FC - Our second formal complaint to the EC.
  • - Shale gas.
  • - The views of potential investors.
  • LA - Legal action.
  • M - Military reasons for nuclear power.
  • N - National commitment to 100% renewables.
  • PO - Public opinion.
  • - The potential of renewable sources of power and their cost.
  • - Actual or potential subsidies for nuclear power.
  • SFF - Actual or potential subsidies for fossil fuels.
  • SF - Safety issues.
  • T - The timing of investment decisions.
  • T
  • R - Transmission.


12 Legal action on subsidies for Britain’s Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant goes into the next round (Greenpeace Energy, press release). See also Questions and answers on the legal proceedings against subsidies for Hinkley Point C

(Greenpeace Energy, fact sheet).

Cryogenic storage offers hope for renewable energy (BBC News).


Stopping Europe's nuclear industry in its tracks: here's how (The Ecologist).


Reaktor in Hinkley Point wird gebaut (

France’s Nuclear Power Stations ‘At Risk of Catastrophic Failure’ (GlobalResearch).

Hinkley Point: UK approves nuclear plant deal (BBC News).


6 Hinkley pointless (The Economist).

Hinkley options emerge with Dong able to speed offshore wind (Bloomberg).

Energy companies are dead already, they just haven’t realised it (RE New Economy).


28 Hinkley's nuclear plant fails all tests - bar the politics (The Guardian).

28 Dump Hinkley! And invest in the UK's real energy future (The Ecologist).

26 Nuclear power plants must be value for money, say MPs (BBC News).

25 Sticker shock: the soaring costs of Germany’s nuclear shutdown (Environment 360).

National Grid sees major boost for solar, electric vehicles and batteries (CarbonBrief).


28 Stem CTO: Lithium-Ion Battery Prices Fell 70% in the Last 18 Months (Greentech Media).

13 Tory donor plans link to French energy grid to avoid UK blackouts (The Telegraph).


31 Risks of terrorist attacks on nuclear plants ‘underestimated’ (The Ferret).

31 EDF's Hinkley Point deal over radioactive waste sparks anger (The Guardian).

Physicist claims Hinkley Point deal means UK taxpayer could get £53bn bill to supply cheap nuclear energy to France (The Independent). See also The Government should scrap its costly Hinkley Point deal and accept renewables can keep the lights on (The Independent, 2016-05-09).

The Energy Return of Solar PV (Euan Mearns). But see What’s the EROI of Solar? (Ramez Naam, 2015-06-04).

8  Hinkley Point: UN says UK failed to consult over risks (The Guardian).

Idea of renewables powering UK is an 'appalling delusion' – David MacKay (The Guardian).


23 Is smaller better? (The Economist).

22 £18bn Hinkley Point nuclear power station plan could be 'coming to a grinding halt' (The Indpendent).

22 EDF faces state aid hurdle over Hinkley Point project (Financial Times). See also Ecotricity and Greenpeace threaten legal challenge over Hinkley (Utility Week, 2016-04-22).

18  Drone-busting defence system protects planes and nuclear power stations from unmanned aerial vehicles (The Mirror).

11 British renewables investment difficult due to policy changes - L&G  (Reuters).

11 Big push for small nuclear reactors (Climate News Network).

7 Scrapping Hinkley for renewable alternatives would save 'tens of billions' (The Guardian).

'Slim chance' Wylfa Newydd nuclear plant will go ahead (BBC News).

Study says wind, PV power is up to GBP 40bn cheaper than Hinkley's (SeeNews).


31 Britain sacrifices steel industry to curry favour with China (The Telegraph).

21 UK's fastest energy storage system connects to grid (

21 Greenpeace challenges the case for a new era of nuclear power in Wales (Wales Online).

20 Row over 'secret' Hinkley Point documents set to reach tribunal (The Observer).

18 EU says investments of up to €500 billion needed in nuclear energy (Handelsblatt).

18 Hinkley Point C nuclear deal contains £22bn 'poison pill' for taxpayer (The Guardian).

17 France agrees bailout for EDF to proceed with Hinkley Point C (The Guardian).

17 Macron assure que l'Etat est prêt à recapitaliser EDF (Le Parisien).

10 Dispelling the nuclear 'baseload' myth: nothing renewables can't do better! (The Ecologist). Underlying this claim are three key assumptions. First, that baseload power is actually a good and necessary thing. In fact, what it really means is too much power when you don't want it, and not enough when you do. What we need is flexible power (and flexible demand too) so that supply and demand can be matched instant by instant. The second assumption is that nuclear power is a reliable baseload supplier. In fact it's no such thing. All nuclear power stations are subject to tripping out for safety reasons or technical faults. That means that a 3.2GW nuclear power station has to be matched by 3.2GW of expensive 'spinning reserve' that can be called in at a moments notice. The third is that the only way to supply baseload power is from baseload power stations, such as nuclear, coal and gas, designed to run flat-out all the time whether their power is actually needed or not. That's wrong too.

The mystery of Britain’s love affair with new nuclear (The Fifth Estate). "Martin Horwood, a British MP, in a debate in the UK Parliament about subsidies for nuclear power in 2013 said: 'The Energy Fair group of energy consultants and academics has stripped out all subsidies and says that the real cost of nuclear power is at least £200 a MWh (AU$382.7/MWh), which is much more than the cost of offshore wind power at £140 a MWh or that of onshore wind power at less than £90 MWh.' "


17 Wind power with 'windgas' is cheaper and greener than Hinkley Point C nuclear plant (The Ecologist).

14 UK new nuclear plan will fail without private investors, says Horizon chief (The Telegraph).

12 Fukushima PM Naoto Kan: 'if you love your country, let nuclear go!' (The Ecologist).

11 New study: Meeting carbon reduction goals economically means no nuclear power (Green World).

Grimsby 'generating more electricity from renewables than anywhere else in England' (The Independent).

5 Areva pourrait sortir du projet Hinkley Point — EDF (Canal Togo).

From liquid air to supercapacitors, energy storage is finally poised for a breakthrough (The Guardian).

Why The Renewables Revolution Is Now Unstoppable (Climate Progress).


30 Hinkley Point nuclear fiasco spooks Hitachi boss (The Telegraph).

29 Radioactive waste dogs Germany despite abandoning nuclear power (New Scientist).

26 Dounreay Trì Looks To Demo Floating Wind Farm Offshore Scotland (North American Wind Power).

26 Unable to raise Hinkley C nuclear cash, EDF turns to French government (The Ecologist).

25 Germany says solar and wind have won technology race (RE New Economy).

22 Baroness Brown: Line our motorways with wind turbines, says Government’s adviser on green energy (The Independent).

15 Trident, nuclear submarines and the UK's nuclear power imperative (The Ecologist).

11 UK should prepare for use of drones in terrorist attacks, says thinktank (The Guardian).

10 Britain abandons onshore wind just as new technology makes it cheap (The Telegraph).