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Key, reports relating to:

  • C - Government consultation
  • CA - Capacity market
  • EMR - Electricity market reform.
  • FC - Our second formal complaint to the EC.
  • - Shale gas.
  • - The views of potential investors.
  • LA - Legal action.
  • M - Military reasons for nuclear power.
  • N - National commitment to 100% renewables.
  • PO - Public opinion.
  • - The potential of renewable sources of power and their cost.
  • - Actual or potential subsidies for nuclear power.
  • SFF - Actual or potential subsidies for fossil fuels.
  • SF - Safety issues.
  • T - The timing of investment decisions.
  • T
  • R - Transmission.


17 UK cuts to renewable energy make a mockery of its pledge at Paris climate talks (The Guardian). Nuclear power, whose cost never comes down, will enjoy 35 years of bill payer subsidies to support Hinkley Point, the most expensive power station ever built. Fossil fuels enjoy £27bn a year in subsidies in the UK, according to the IMF, £425 for every man, woman and child in the country.

13 Major energy U-turn needed to meet Paris targets, government warned (The Guardian).

Innovation? Technologies already exist for 100% renewables (RE New Economy).

Nuclear is not the answer to the climate crisis (The Guardian, Dr Paul Dorfman, Dr Ian Fairlie, Dr David Lowry, Jonathon Porritt).

The house that costs £15 per year to run (BBC News).

3 Uruguay makes dramatic shift to nearly 95% electricity from clean energy (The Guardian).

Getting to 100: Why the shift to renewable electricity will change everything (RE New Economy).


25 Here's how 139 countries could run on 100% wind, solar, and hydro power by 2050 (Science Alert). See also 139 Countries Could Get All of their Power from Renewable Sources (Scientific American, 2015-11-19).

25 Here's how 139 countries could run on 100% wind, solar, and hydro power by 2050 (Science Alert). See also 139 Countries Could Get All of their Power from Renewable Sources (Scientific American, 2015-11-19).

24 Yes, a 100% Renewable Energy future is possible! (carbonn Climate Registry).

23 Holyrood MPs visit Glasgow’s Star Renewables to launch revolutionary heat pump for E.ON (Scottish Energy News).

20 Luxembourg joins Hinkley C nuclear challenge (The Ecologist).

20 What will the Energiewende cost? (RE New Economy).

17 Why the EU must ditch gas in favour of efficiency and renewables (Euractiv).

Greece backs Austrian opposition to UK's Hinkley nuclear plant  (PoliticoPro).

2 Icelink deal expected in six months: reports (Utility Week).


22 Lawsuits lurk despite Hinkley Point C progress (Power Engineering International).

22 Will Hinkley C ever be built? If so, China will exact a very high price (The Ecologist, Oliver Tickell).

20 The UK-China nuclear deal is an existential threat to our nation's future (The Ecologist, David Lowry and Oliver Tickell).

19 GCHQ spies don't trust the Chinese to build nuclear power plants in the UK (Business Insider UK).

19 Meltdown for pro-nuclear environmentalists (Jonathon Porritt).

16 Nuclear deal with China is threat to UK security (The Times). See also Nuclear deals with China could endanger UK national security, says Labour (The Guardian, 2015-10-16).

14 Action brought on 6 July 2015 — Austria v Commission (Europa).

14 All at sea: making sense of the UK’s muddled nuclear policy (The Conversation).

State aid: Commission approves UK pricing methodology for nuclear waste transfer contracts (European Commission).

7 UK's energy revolution - DECC's role usurped by new Infrastructure Commission (The Ecologist).

6 Serious issues for George Osborne on China’s role in the UK’s nuclear future (The University of Nottingham).

Solar and Wind Just Passed Another Big Turning Point (Bloomberg Business).

6 Hinkley C's claimed benefits evaporate under scrutiny (The Ecologist, Paul Dorfman).

2 Flamanville nuclear safety fail sounds death knell for Hinkley C (The Ecologist, Oliver Tickell).

1 When the party's over ... the financial spectre at the end of nuclear power (The Ecologist, Ian Fairlie).


29 Labour conference: Nandy backs community-owned energy plants (BBC News).

28 Hinkley Point C: Plans to spend billions building UK nuclear power station to be investigated by watchdog (The Independent).

28 Shell has frozen its Arctic oil drilling – but it's still hungry for fossil fuels (The Guardian).

25 Scotland and Ireland consider a linked renewable energy future (IEEE Spectrum).

23 With Hinkley Point, squandermania has reached dangerous new heights (The Guardian).

20 Is this the breakthrough that finally ends 'big oil' and brings solar power to the world? (My Science Academy).

15 Help the Global Apollo Programme make clean energy cheaper than coal (The Guardian).

9 France tilting toward nuclear phase-out (Deutsche Welle).

9 Hinkley Point branded nuclear 'white elephant' by former civil service chief (The Independent).


31 Secrecy over plan for new nuclear plant is 'disgraceful', says veteran campaigner (The Independent).

9 Hinkley branded expensive mistake (The Sunday Times). See also Don't press nuclear button, begs energy chief (The Sunday Times, 2015-08-09).

9 Planned Hinkley Point nuclear power station under fire from energy industry (The Guardian).

7 M Shining a light on Britain’s nuclear state (The Guardian).

6 Hinkley Point C: is it all over now? (The Ecologist).

4 G20 countries pay over $1,000 per citizen in fossil fuel subsidies, says IMF (The Guardian).

4 Public support for UK nuclear and shale gas falls to new low (The Guardian).

1 Too expensive ... not bank report hits out at plans for £25bn Hinkley C nuclear plant (Daily Mail).


31 World moves toward 100 percent renewable energy – first electricity, then heating/cooling, and finally transportation (

29 We need clean-energy innovation, and lots of it (Bill Gates).

27 Wylfa Newydd nuclear plant safety report prompts ONR action (BBC News).

26 Norway pumps up 'green battery' plan for Europe (Climate News Network).

24 MEP to use EU competition law to challenge ‘assault’ on renewables industry (Molly Scott Cato press release).

23 France passes law to halve its energy use, slash fossil fuels and nuclear (Climate Progress).

22 Renewable energy is killing nuclear power: no hope for nuclear (Energy & Capital).

22 State aid: Commission orders France to recover €1.37 billion in incompatible aid from EDF (European Commission press release).

20 Around the world, nuclear can’t compete with growing renewables (RE New Economy).

19 EU set to pledge billions in support of 'top priority' North Sea supergrid (The Herald).

15 Green energy suppliers launch Hinkley C nuclear challenge (The Ecologist).

9 Osborne's £3.9bn stealth attack on renewables (The Ecologist).

2 German utilities launch lawsuit against UK nuclear plant (Institution of Mechanical Engineers). See also Greenpeace and utilities launch suit against Hinkley nuclear plant (The Guardian, 2015-07-02); Ten companies take legal action against European Commission's decision on State Aid for Hinkely Point C (Greenpeace Energy, press release, 2015-07-02).


30 Government and EDF in talks over liabilities if Austria wins nuclear state aid appeal (The Telegraph).

24 EU commission issued legal challenge by Austria over UK nuclear reactors (The Parliament Magazine).

21 One station would cost the same as eight carriers, or two Crossrails, or forty new hospitals. So is new nuclear power really worth it? (The Sunday Times).

2 World nuclear facilities vulnerable to cyber-attack – UN agency (RT).

2 Global Apollo programme seeks to make clean energy cheaper than coal (The Guardian).

1 Why Germany’s Energiewende is causing ripples in US (RE New Economy).


27 Fossil industry faces a perfect political and technological storm (The Telegraph). The International Monetary Fund has let off the first thunder-clap. An astonishing report - blandly titled "How Large Are Global Energy Subsidies" - alleges that the fossil nexus enjoys hidden support worth 6.5pc of world GDP.

27 Austria ready to sue over subsidized nuclear plants: minister (Reuters).

22 Energy storage could slash cost of UK decarbonisation by £3.5bn (

24 Friends of the Earth slammed as 'totally reprehensible' by group's former director (The Independent).

20 Wales launches £25m underwater kite-turbine scheme (The Guardian).

18 Breast cancer and nuclear power - statistics reveal the link 'they' wanted to hide (The Ecologist, Chris Busby).

18 Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute, says IMF (The Guardian).

17 Why this whistleblower's warnings should spell the death knell for Trident (Herald Scotland).

13 Analysis: How DECC spends its annual budget (The Carbon Brief). Almost all of the roughly £7.9 billion DECC budget during 2013/14 went towards cleaning up the UK's nuclear legacy (pie chart, below right) through the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), a government quango responsible for 95.8% of DECC budget that year - £7.5 billion.

13 Could this be the world's most efficient solar electricity system? (The Guardian). See also Ripasso Energy AB.

1 Did Tesla just kill nuclear power? (Forbes).


22 Big Six firms use influence to dictate energy policy, claims leading environmentalist (The Independent). 

20 'The world is finally producing renewable energy at an industrial scale' (The Guardian).

17 New UK nuclear plants under threat as 'serious anomaly' with model found in France (The Telegraph).

17 Taking Dutch housing from energy hog to net zero in less than ten days (RE New Economy).

16 Hackers have 'begun targeting nuclear power plants,' cyber warfare expert warns (Jerusalem Post).

15 100% renewable electricity by 2050 possible in France (RE New Economy).

15 Greenpeace condemns the new International Nuclear Liability Convention (Greenpeace International).

14 Fossil fuels just lost the race against renewables (Bloomberg Business). The race for renewable energy has passed a turning point. The world is now adding more capacity for renewable power each year than coal, natural gas, and oil combined. And there's no going back.

14 Study: Conspiracy of Fukushima cover up between government and media proven (

14 Bury nuclear waste down a very deep hole, say Sheffield scientists (Sheffield University press release).

13 Scrap fossil fuel subsidies now and bring in carbon tax, says World Bank chief (The Guardian).

10 Fossil fuel-free funds outperformed conventional ones, analysis shows (The Guardian).

8 New energy storage plant could 'revolutionise' renewable sector (The Guardian).

5 Law changed so nuclear waste dumps can be forced on local communities (The Guardian).


31 100% renewables target could save major economies $500bn+ a year (RE New Economy).

26 UK and Norway to build world's longest undersea energy interconnector (The Guardian).

22 Solar sails set course for a new journey into renewable energy (The Guardian).

22 Costa Rica goes 75 days powering itself using only renewable energy (The Independent).

17 Severn Trent pumps £190m into renewable energy future (Edie).

17 Longannet: Barge plan alternative put forward (BBC News). Scotland's back-up energy supply could be provided by three to 10 gas-fuelled power stations on coastal barges.

13 Wylfa protestors mark four years since Fukushima (News North Wales).

11 Mark Leftly: The shambles surrounding Sellafield clean-up continues (The Independent).

10 LA Luxembourg confirms opposition to Hinkley Point nuclear power plant deal (Power Engineering International). Monique Clement, Private Secretary at Luxembourg’s Department of the Environment told Power Engineering International, “Yes we are going to follow Austria. That’s the decision of the Luxembourg government.”

10 Electric cars could cut oil imports 40% by 2030, says study (The Guardian).

7 Wylfa B: Why stories from Fukushima are a warning for Anglesey (Daily Post).

7 Geothermal energy plan to heat Scots homes (The Scotsman).

5 Germany says using tax money for nuclear power 'out of the question' (Reuters).

5 Greens to refer back Hinkley decision to the EU Commission (Molly Scott Cato).

5 Greenpeace Energy to launch legal challenge to UK nuclear subsidies (The Ecologist).

4 Sellafield cleanup costs rise by £5bn in year, says watchdog (The Guardian).

4 CA MPs slam 'capacity market' scheme for raising energy costs (The Guardian).

4 UK joins Romanian push for new EU nuclear aid package (The Guardian).

4 LA Hinkley C nuclear power station faces legal challenge (BBC News); Soenke Tangermann, managing director of Greenpeace Energy, said the "highly subsidised" electricity produced by the plant would "noticeably distort European competitiveness." ... Greenpeace Energy is also calling on the German government to take action against what it calls "the unfair state aid approval." ... The law firm Becker and Buettner has been instructed to prepare the application for an annulment of the Commision's decision, which will then be put before the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. See also Atomsubventionen: Britisches AKW könnte deutschen Ökostrom verteuern (Spiegel Online). Greenpeace Energy plan to take legal action over subsidies for Hinkley Point C.

3 Conference to dismantle case for nuclear (Molly Scott Cato).


25 Forget nuclear - Saharan sunshine for UK baseload power! (The Ecologist).

24 Solar at 2c/kWh – the cheapest source of electricity (RE New Economy).

24 Most French nuclear plants 'should be shut down' over drone threat (Newsweek). See also TERROR THREAT ALERT: UK's nuclear plants are at SERIOUS risk of terrorist drone strikes (Daily Express, 2015-02-23).

24 Ambitious EU blueprint for energy union to loosen Russian grip on gas (The Guardian).

24 Renewable energy poised to overtake nuclear in the UK (New Scientist).

23 Cracks appear in the nuclear industry (DW).

18 The myth of the dark side of Germany’s Energiewende (RE New Economy).

15 Finding ways to make offshore wind power economically viable (The Guardian).

11 National Rail land 'could produce 2.4GW of solar power' (Edie).

11 UK threatens to hit back at Austria over Hinkley Point legal challenge (The Guardian). See also Diplomatic row with Austria over EDF nuclear power station escalates (The Independent, 2015-02-12).

10 UK spent 300 times more on fossil fuels than clean energy despite green pledge (The Guardian).

9 Why nuclear industry needs to be paid $500/MWh (RE New Economy).

7 Hinkley Point is stalled by costs fallout (The Times). The Chinese companies are refusing to invest unless the French government promises to bail out Areva, if necessary, and cover their share of any cost overruns.

5 False solution: Nuclear power is not 'low carbon' (The Ecologist, Keith Barnham).

4 Welsh Government set for 'historic' block on fracking amid health and climate fear (Wales Online).

4 Italy rules out solar subsidies as Germany adopts auctions to dole them out (RE New Economy).

3 Government betrays Britain's fuel poor (Association for the Conservation of Energy).

2 Why Obama should stop pushing nuclear energy on India (Washington Post).

28 UK Guarantees scheme for infrastructure (National Audit Office). "Based on the use of the Scheme to date and the expected take up until it closes, the illustrative extra cost through using guarantees as opposed to direct lending could be between £35 million and £120 million a year, with and without Hinkley Point C."

1 Bangor University signs Wylfa agreement (News North Wales).


31 Treasury to pull the plug on tax breaks for green community energy scheme (The Guardian). 

30 Seven reasons cheap oil can't stop renewables now (

23 Mark Leftly: Nuclear clean-up has been a toxic waste of public money (The Independent). As Dr David Lowry, the independent nuclear research and policy consultant who has worked tirelessly to expose Sellafield’s many problems, puts it, this was “Panglossian” and shows that they “never let the facts get in the way of their rosy-eyed vision”.

21 LA Austria to launch lawsuit over Hinkley Point C nuclear subsidies (The Guardian). The Guardian understands that Luxembourg is very likely to support the case in the European court of justice, arguing that the UK’s loan guarantees – over a 35-year period – constitute illegal state aid. Another EU country may follow suit. ... No grounds for the commission’s volte-face have yet been published, but the Guardian has seen a draft of the EU decision from last October, suggesting that one key decider had been that Hinkley advanced an EU ‘common interest’ around security of supply. A commission investigation declared itself “unsure” whether the reactor would resolve the UK’s security of supply issues, and was unconvinced that ‘diversification’ of supplies, on its own, would justify the monies involved. “The commission however accepted that the decision was in line with the Euratom treaty,” the draft ruling says. The Euratom treaty obliges member states to facilitate investments in nuclear power and encourage ventures that lead to the technology’s development. ... “There has been a high-level decision by our chancellor and vice chancellor to challenge the EU decision on Hinkley within two months of its publication in the EU’s official journal,” Andreas Molin, the director of Austria’s environment ministry told the Guardian. The journal’s publication is expected in the next fortnight." See also UK nuclear ambitions dealt fatal blow by Austrian legal challenge, say Greens (The Guardian, 2015-01-22).

21 EDF’s chaotic approach of French EPR reactor safety (le Journal de l'Energie).

20 Coal casts cloud over Germany’s energy revolution (Climate News Network).

17 Glasgow Uni discovery set to solve energy crisis (The Scotsman).

17 Why Sellafield costs us all a bomb (The Telegraph).

16 Wind power 'adds resilience to UK energy market' (BBC News).

15 Anglesey overhead pylons cannot be stopped says Welsh Government (Daily Post).

15 Questions about UK scrutiny of Chinese nuclear tie-up (BBC News).

15 S IoS Investigation: Officials plotted Sellafield cover-up (The Independent). Although the contract is worth some £22bn, the consortium told ministers that it would walk away from the deal unless it was fully indemnified against the costs of cleaning up an accident at what is one of the world's most hazardous nuclear sites. ... The documents have come to light only as a result of persistent pressure from Dr David Lowry, an independent environmental policy and research consultant, who is a member of Nuclear Waste Advisory Associates.

14 A new power station in Sizewell will be needed - but costs will have to come down to compete with other sources (Ipswich Star).

12 Expert Group on costs of nuclear accidents, liability issues and their impact on electricity costs (EG-COSTNA) (Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)).

12 Solar at grid parity in most of world by 2017 (RE New Economy).

7 WMN Letters: Flood risks rule out nuclear reactor sites (Western Morning News).

5 Old coal and gas plants won largest share of capacity market, final results confirm (Carbon Brief).

5 Scots energy could be fully renewable by 2030, says charity report (STV).

4 Nuclear power is the greenest option, say top scientists (The Independent).

2 CA The first ever Capacity Market auction official results have been released today (GOV.UK, DECC press release).