News reports arising from "Legal bid to halt nuclear construction"

News reports arising from news release "LEGAL BID TO HALT NUCLEAR CONSTRUCTION":
  • Getting to 'yes' on the UK EPR (Independent Nuclear News, March 2012). p 5: "Also sceptical of the 'no subsidies' claims is a group that includes anti-nuclear campaign organisations from the UK, Germany and France, individual UK members of Parliament, solar energy supporters and other individual environmental activists and climate change campaigners. Together with the UK's Energy Fair campaign group, they filed a formal complaint in December with the European Commission alleging that the EMR would constitute unlawful state aid and is illegal under EU state aid rules. The same complaint also alleges that some existing state support, such as, for example, caps on liability for nuclear power plant operators, also constitutes illegal state aid. A spokesman for the European Commission's Competition Directorate told i-NUCLEAR Monthly that the Commission was still investigating the allegations put forward by the Energy Fair-led group in December."
  • Greenpeace: 'wins' and 'black holes' from EU nuclear stress tests (EurActiv, 2012-02-16, interview with Jan Haverkamp). A British group of energy experts called Energy Fair recently submitted a complaint about nuclear subsidies to the European Commission, asking for them to be removed on the grounds that they create unfair competition for renewables. How do you assess their move and chances of success? ...