News 2014

Key, reports relating to:

  • C - Government consultation
  • CA - Capacity market
  • EMR - Electricity market reform.
  • FC - Our second formal complaint to the EC.
  • - Shale gas.
  • - The views of potential investors.
  • LA - Legal action
  • N - National commitment to 100% renewables.
  • PO - Public opinion.
  • - The potential of renewable sources of power and their cost.
  • - Actual or potential subsidies for nuclear power.
  • SFF - Actual or potential subsidies for fossil fuels.
  • SF - Safety issues.
  • T - The timing of investment decisions.
  • TR - Transmission.


23 Mark Leftly: Nuclear clean-up has been a toxic waste of public money (The Independent). As Dr David Lowry, the independent nuclear research and policy consultant who has worked tirelessly to expose Sellafield’s many problems, puts it, this was “Panglossian” and shows that they “never let the facts get in the way of their rosy-eyed vision”.

21 LA Austria to launch lawsuit over Hinkley Point C nuclear subsidies (The Guardian). The Guardian understands that Luxembourg is very likely to support the case in the European court of justice, arguing that the UK’s loan guarantees – over a 35-year period – constitute illegal state aid. Another EU country may follow suit. ... No grounds for the commission’s volte-face have yet been published, but the Guardian has seen a draft of the EU decision from last October, suggesting that one key decider had been that Hinkley advanced an EU ‘common interest’ around security of supply. A commission investigation declared itself “unsure” whether the reactor would resolve the UK’s security of supply issues, and was unconvinced that ‘diversification’ of supplies, on its own, would justify the monies involved. “The commission however accepted that the decision was in line with the Euratom treaty,” the draft ruling says. The Euratom treaty obliges member states to facilitate investments in nuclear power and encourage ventures that lead to the technology’s development. ... “There has been a high-level decision by our chancellor and vice chancellor to challenge the EU decision on Hinkley within two months of its publication in the EU’s official journal,” Andreas Molin, the director of Austria’s environment ministry told the Guardian. The journal’s publication is expected in the next fortnight." See also UK nuclear ambitions dealt fatal blow by Austrian legal challenge, say Greens (The Guardian, 2015-01-22).

21 EDF’s chaotic approach of French EPR reactor safety (le Journal de l'Energie).

20 Coal casts cloud over Germany’s energy revolution (Climate News Network).

17 Glasgow Uni discovery set to solve energy crisis (The Scotsman).

17 Why Sellafield costs us all a bomb (The Telegraph).

16 Wind power 'adds resilience to UK energy market' (BBC News).

15 Anglesey overhead pylons cannot be stopped says Welsh Government (Daily Post).

15 Questions about UK scrutiny of Chinese nuclear tie-up (BBC News).

15 S IoS Investigation: Officials plotted Sellafield cover-up (The Independent). Although the contract is worth some £22bn, the consortium told ministers that it would walk away from the deal unless it was fully indemnified against the costs of cleaning up an accident at what is one of the world's most hazardous nuclear sites. ... The documents have come to light only as a result of persistent pressure from Dr David Lowry, an independent environmental policy and research consultant, who is a member of Nuclear Waste Advisory Associates.

14 A new power station in Sizewell will be needed - but costs will have to come down to compete with other sources (Ipswich Star).

12 Expert Group on costs of nuclear accidents, liability issues and their impact on electricity costs (EG-COSTNA) (Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)).

12 Solar at grid parity in most of world by 2017 (RE New Economy).

7 WMN Letters: Flood risks rule out nuclear reactor sites (Western Morning News).

5 Old coal and gas plants won largest share of capacity market, final results confirm (Carbon Brief).

5 Scots energy could be fully renewable by 2030, says charity report (STV).

4 Nuclear power is the greenest option, say top scientists (The Independent).

2 CA The first ever Capacity Market auction official results have been released today (GOV.UK, DECC press release).