Campaigns and trade associations


Mainland Europe

  • The Greens/European Free Alliance. See:
    • Greens hit out at plans to 'reclassify' nuclear power (The Parliament, 2012-04-17).

    • Ministers planning 'hidden subsidies' for nuclear power (The Guardian, 2012-04-20). Green campaigners are threatening to bring a legal challenge when the plans are made public later in the year. ... But the plans are likely to come under severe attack in the European parliament. The Guardian understands that the Greens in Europe are preparing to take legal action against the government, arguing that the plans amount to state aid for nuclear. Claude Turmes, a leading Green in the European parliament, told the Guardian: "We think these plans for feed-in tariffs for nuclear are state aid for nuclear power, which would not be allowed. We are looking at this very closely and we are going to fight this." The Decc official said: "We don't think it should be seen as state aid and are in discussion with the commission on that."

Rest of the world

UK groups

  • Foldbury Campaign Group
Gerry Wolff,
10 Aug 2012, 06:20