The nuclear industry has been established for many years and should now be commercially viable without the need for subsidies. That it is receiving substantial subsidies is a clear breach of the principle of fair competition. Those subsidies are working against the renewable sources of power and conservation measures that are now urgently needed (see also the Reducing subsidies page).

The subsidies enjoyed by the nuclear industry invite legal challenge. But the first step along that road is making a formal complaint to the European Commission, following the procedures that have been established under EU competition law.

Here, in reverse order by date, are news about possible legal actions or petitions, and complaints to the European Commission that we have made.

Possible legal actions, and petitions

Second formal complaint to the European Commission

Energy Fair has submitted a second formal complaint to the Directorate General for Competition of the European Commission about unlawful state aid for nuclear power and constraint on trade (Details from the Commission: Reference number: SA.32626(2011/CP). Title: Alleged subsidies to nuclear power operators in the UK).

The subjects of this complaint include new subsidies for nuclear power in the Government's proposals for Electricity Market Reform and one of the existing subsidies that the Government proposes to retain.

The press release about this complaint, sent out in January 2012, may be seen here: LEGAL BID TO HALT NUCLEAR CONSTRUCTION (There is also an Arabic translation (PDF)). There has been extensive coverage of this news release around the world, including news reports by the BBC and the Guardian. Details of news reports are given on: News reports arising from "Legal bid to halt nuclear construction".

Research by the Energy Fair group has identified 9 existing or proposed subsidies for nuclear power and 2 potential subsidies. They are summarised in Forms of support for nuclear power (PDF) and described more fully in the following two documents:

The following organisations and people have kindly agreed to support this complaint. Alphabetically:

First formal complaint to the European Commission

On the 22nd February 2011, a formal complaint about unlawful state aid for nuclear power has been sent to the Directorate General for Competiton of the European Commission. The documents in the complaint are:

Our press release about the complaint is here: Unlawful state aid for nuclear power.
We have received an acknowledgement of our complaint but, in early June 2011, have not yet received a response to the complaint.

Other actions